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posted on November 4th, 2017, 11:25 pm
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This is going to take a while. Watch this space :sweatdrop:

Current as of 11/4/17

Existing changes from 3.2.7
Changes new in current version (3.1a)
Changes currently in development (they don't work yet
Hopes and dreams

All Races

Artillery range increased from 1100 to 1200
Strategic range increased from 1400 to 1600
Troopship boarding strength bonus increased from 20% to 50%
Troopships gain the Civilian Tractor Beam special (drags friendly ships with disabled engines)
New passives: Reactive Anti-Deuterium, Flagship Command

Reactive Anti-Deuterium Emitters (RADE for short :thumbsup:)
+50% Damage against Construction ships
+100% Damage against Freighters
-25% Sensor range
Affected ships: Probe, S2 Escort Cruiser, Saber, B'rel (during Weapon Fatigue), Su'sa (during Last Ditch Assault), Rhienn

Flagship Command
+33% Experience gain (except for Borg)
+100% Experience value
+Civilian Tractor Beam ability (Large vessels only)
+Damage increase for all nearby small/medium ships (or non-battleships)
-Affected ships: Diamond, C-11 Interceptor, C-17 (Fed tech), S7 Defender, Breen Battleship, Norway, Ambassador, Galaxy, Sovereign, Neghvar, Moqbara Station, D'Deridex

Special Abilities
All special abilities have been reworked to be more effective. Damage abilities now ignore passives, so for example a Proximity Torpedo from a short-range Monsoon no longer deals half damage to a ship with Ablative Armor. Also, most miss/failure chances have been removed and system value no longer affects special weapons.

Instead, some ships have resistance levels between 1 and 5, as follows:

Battleships and weapons platforms: Level 1
Starbases and Civilian stations: Level 2
All other ships: Level 0
Maximum-upgrade Starbases: immune

Certain passives and Borg Modules add extra levels of Resistance

All races other than the Borg gain an Experimental yard that produces that race's experimental vessel. Experimental vessels are capped but shareable in multiplayer games, and add unique strategic options to their factions. ln addition, the yard can research the technology of other races in order to unlock powerful refits for existing ships.

You can also gain another race's technology by transferring it from a constructor. To transfer technology you need to fly the constructor to a Starbase and use its tech transfer ability. This can be used on another player's Starbase without giving them the constructor.

The Borg do not have Mixed-Tech variants; instead they can build a single adaption matrix for each race's technology that they acquire. In addition to repairing captured ships, the adaption matrix generates supply over time while being cheaper than an incubation chamber.
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Adapted Photon Torpedoes
Adapted Photons' damage profile has been changed, affecting the Intercept Scoutcube, Dodecahedron, Intercept Dodecahedron Relay, and the Adaptor's adaption ability.

Old Profile
+70% vs Small (170%)
-70% vs Battleships (30%)
-90% vs Stations (10%)

New Profile
+40% vs Small (140%)
-40% vs Battleships (60%)
-70% vs Stations (30%)
-Causes crew casualties (1 crew every 3 torpedoes)

Adaption Levels
Rather than having 10 slots for technology, the Borg now begin with 3 slots and can increase this number through 3 levels of Adaption research at the Transmission Matrix. Adaption level 1 and 3 also grant 10% increased damage. Most special abilities have been reworked, and it is now possible to obtain all of them in a single game.

Collective Connections and node levels have been removed, replaced by Vinculums. Each Borg vessel that builds from an uplink requires a small, medium, or large Vinculum to be "built" (researched) at the Conduction Matrix. These Vinculums function as a cap (they remain even if the ship is destroyed) and make up between 1/5 and 1/3 of the total cost of the ship. The idea behind Vinculums is to make initial production costly, but to allow the Borg to rebuild a destroyed fleet for reduced cost.

Conduction Matrix
-Cost increased from 400/200 to 800/400
-High Energy Slicer research added
-Sensor Relay research added
-Perfect Logistics research added
-Small Vinculums: Costs 400/200 and provides 2, used for Scoutcube, Dodecahedron, and Adaptor
-Medium Vinculum: Costs 600/300, used for Assimilator, Sphere, Pyramid, and Diamond
-Large Vinculum: Costs 2000/1000, used for Cube

Assimilation Matrix

-Cost reduced
-Crew count reduced
-Gains a 1hp shield to prevent boarding without firing
-Regeneration ability added (requires research at Transmission Matrix)

Resource Assimilator
-Defense reduced
-Regeneration ability added (requires research at Transmission Matrix)
-Gains a 1hp shield to prevent boarding without firing

-Crew count reduced 80->60
-Gains a 1hp shield to prevent boarding without firing

-Gains Reactive Anti-Deuterium Emitters (bonus damage to civilian ships, reduced sensor range)

-Regeneration Module: Passive Regeneration bonus increased 10% -> 100%
-Periphery Module replaced by Transwarp module

Transwarp Module
-Small and medium Borg vessels within Long range gain Transwarp Drive special ability to teleport short distances
-Once Advanced Transwarp research is completed, gains the ability to become stationary for 10 seconds and grant Transwarp to large Borg vessels as well
-In future versions, Advanced Transwarp will be passive and no longer require the Scoutcube to become stationary

-Intercept Module(2): Axial Assault now fires 2 torpedoes at once: one at primary target and one at random
-Vinculum Module: Neurotransmitter ability range increased to medium, now grants 300 energy to each vessel

Dodecahedron Relay
-Gains Relocate ability: can spend 15 supply to return to mobile form, then deploy elsewhere
-Intercept Module: Attacks have a chance to disable engines. Once researched, can use High Energy Slicer and Nanites
-Regeneration Module: Vision radius increased, gains Neurotransmitter ability. Once researched, can use Regeneration and Devastating Attack
Vinculum Module: Slowly assimilates nearby enemy ships. Once researched, can use Holding Beam and Boarding

-Adaption Module: Now grants bonus torpedoes to 4 friendly targets. Torpedoes fire on 8 targets at once
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A-20 Destroyer
-Cost increased
Defense increased 11 -> 17

A-20 Destroyer - Alpha Refit
-Puretech only, requires Ketracel Facility
-Increases Offense by 7 (21/17/9) and gains bonus damage vs destroyers
-High Supply cost

B-28 Bomber
-Fires in volleys of 3
-Firing arc increased 1/2 -> 2/3

S-2 Escort Cruiser
-Reactive Anti-Deuterium Emitters added: damage increased vs civilian ships, vision radius reduced

C-11 Interceptor
-Cost increased
-Defense increased
-Range increased Medium -> Artillery, special ability ranges increased
-Cascade Feedback changed to 2nd ability
-Shield Recharge added as 3rd ability
-Field Command passive added: grants damage bonus to nearby small/medium non-battleships

B-8 War Frigate
-Crew count reduced 475 -> 375

Breen Cruiser
-Mineral costs increased
-Supply cost reduced
-Breen Torpedoes gain a small chance to disable subsystems

Large Yard

T-15 - Alpha Refit
-Puretech only, requires Ketracel Facility
-Offense and defense increased, adds beam weapon
-High Supply cost

B-5 Battlecruiser
-Mineral costs increased
-Biowarhead special ability added: deals heavy, variable damage to Shields, chance to disable life support for 15 seconds

S-7 Defender
-Speed increased 50 -> 70
-Flagship Command added: grants damage bonus to nearby vessels

Breen Battleship
-Speed increased 60 -> 80
-Cost decreased
-Torpedoes have a chance to disable subsystems
-Flagship Command added: grants damage bonus to nearby vessels
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Reserved for Federation
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Reserved for Klingon. Qa'pla!
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Reserved for the Romulan Star Empire!

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