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posted on September 17th, 2019, 3:14 am
Well guys, another release is here. For those who haven't been following along on Discord ( this release contains the Borg, Dominion, Federation, and Klingon factions (Romulans have been temporarily removed while incomplete)

This series features a lot of new mechanics, first and foremost being the reduction of starting resources to 2000/1000 and a mining speed increase from 450/300 per minute to 600/400 (a 33% increase). Players also begin with 2 free miners. This change means that players can build a lot less at the very beginning of the game, but will accelerate rapidly once they get established. Note that while 3 miners are still needed to get maximum income from a moon, 2 miners will produce about 95% if the mining station is right next to it.

Other mechanics include a complete set of Starbase upgrades, including the Ultimate Starbases which double veteran and Mixed Tech limits in addition to considerable weaponry and immunity to subsystem disabling effects. This version is also the first to provide build queues for research stations, and hotkeys for all research/special abilities.

The starting balance of the races is greatly altered with the new starting resources, so I need as much test feedback as I can get. The AIs are functional but not completely balanced against each other, with Borg being a bit stronger and Federation being a bit weaker than the others. ...
posted on September 18th, 2019, 3:13 pm
Thanks! :assimilate:
posted on September 26th, 2019, 4:58 am

First a glowing positive review! My buddies and I loved Armada back in the day, and Fleet ops that came after it, and the mods you are making are a great improvement... it does completely overhaul the gameplay, but the improvements made feel more "authentically star trek" so I like them.

Found a few bugs with the klingons:

* starbases are still 2000/1000 and I assume that's supposed to change to 600/300 like federation
* supplies are still purchased the old way, not fabricated on the starbases like in federation

As for the change to the $$$ per moon pair, I'm not sure... there are certainly some maps where you only capture two pairs of moons and that's enough. Other maps, it's all about battling for enough moons to be able to produce more ships.

By giving the user a higher $$$ income rate, it makes mining less important to the game. It ends up being more about the powerful ships.
posted on September 26th, 2019, 5:02 am
i like the upgradable starbases bit the most. When we would play regular fleet ops, it was all about building a wall of starbases. By making them cheaper at first and Upgradable, that's a great acknowledgement of that.

Romulans were always my favorite race, so I can't wait to see what happens with them!

Too bad we can't bring the Cardassian or 8472 models back...

Great work man, can't wait for the next release!
posted on September 26th, 2019, 6:00 am
Thanks for catching the bad cost on the Klingon Starbase. The cost should be 1500/750 since it starts with a weapon. The reason the Klingons can't build a cheap, weaponless Starbase is because it would make Ktinga spam unstoppable (and because they're Klingons, they don't build defenseless Starbases)

Regarding the Industry upgrade for the Klingons, it doesn't help them with supply. It lets them build Shu'vak heavy miners which mine 50% faster. In TM the Dominion, Federation, and Romulans get Supply related upgrades while the Borg and Klingons get Di/Tri income upgrades.

As for the mining increase, I would say it validates some of our old maps like Asteroid Halma if you want a game with almost zero raiding where every player goes up to 2 moon pairs and then builds ships. But on bigger, more open maps I'd say mining has a huge impact, along with raiding.

The difference between a moon with a repair yard next to it and one without is extreme. Now that every race has at least one ship with RADE, it's extremely easy to kill miners in the early game, and in the midgame the races get special anti-turret specials that allow them to keep up their raids. Currently the strongest of these ships is the Dominion S2 (I'm planning to increase its build cost/time in the next version) so I recommend trying it out. Just two S2 Escort Cruisers can annihilate a mining base in seconds and get away clean with their 140 speed.
posted on September 27th, 2019, 5:42 am
Fascinating. You're definitely giving it a great deal of thought. Very cool.

Let's talk a little about the red "supplies" resource because I'm trying to understand its value.

As Far as I can tell, some races can "buy" supplies immediately for big chunks of DIL / TRIT, while other races can slowly "farm" supply by building structures that perform the farming. And then those structures can be upgraded. In the farming case, you are paying a little bit of DIL / TRIT, but you are also paying in "time."

It might be fun to allow any race to "slowly farm supply" and pay in time, OR to buy supply instantly at a rip-off price (like ten to 1) or make subsequent supply purchases more expensive.

What you did with the Borg Vinculum was genius, and it somewhat blunted the fact that the borg get to be too powerful once cubes come out. If the player must research Vinculums, and that's expensive, then expanding your fleet larger has these additional hidden costs.

It seems like the game would be most fun if the player really had to think about and plan for supply constraints, and the players that pre-planned for this by setting up supply farming early would be rewarded with a lower overall cost for the supplies.

Just my two cents, and trying to get a discussion going. Your mod is great and your dedication to the community is awesome! Thanks again.
posted on September 28th, 2019, 5:32 am
Supply is a tricky resource. It serves as a limiter in some respects, but for the most part it's just a way to have some creative resource differences between the factions (like Dominion who can mine it but need a ton, and Klingons who can gain it through ranking up)

For reference, the supply buys all get more expensive each time they're bought until they get to 1450/1450. Also the fact that Tritanium mines more slowly than Dilithium actually means that supply buys cost more Tri than Di.

In TM, three of the five races have gotten abilities that give them Supply over time but it's not very efficient. 4 to 1 is the same as a 1000/1000 supply buy so it's really meant for the later game after tons of stuff has been built. The Klingons get their special miners instead while the Romulans get an upgrade that lowers the supply cost of their ships by up to half.

A big thing I considered when balancing Tryptic's Mod is how the races do if everybody sits back and builds fleet ships without attacking each other for a while. Obviously some races are better at this, like the Dominion which has expensive industry to set up and cheap ships that are easy to build. But I wanted to make sure each race had strong economic options, even the Klingons and Romulans (although they really should be raiding)
posted on October 1st, 2019, 6:37 am
Hey, just did a three-player multiplayer and found a bug, when running the mod 3.6 I could not get more than two human players to join a network game at one time. When I try to add the third player, it kicks out the other non-host from the "chat room" where you prepare for the game.

I tried having other computers be the host , but in the end we gave up and reverted to the old data folder (without the Tryptic Mod) and then the three players could join the room and run the game without any problems.

Thanks again for a great mod, I hope that bug is easy to fix :)
posted on October 17th, 2019, 8:04 pm
The discord link at the top doesn't work anymore, is it broken?

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