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posted on December 23rd, 2010, 4:46 pm
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This project will use Fleet-Ops enhanced engine to rebalance the Stock Armada 2 game-play.  With the exception of Species 8472 no longer being a playable faction, and the Borg no longer having any stations with the exception of special games, and the orbital facility, the units will be the same as they were before, but rebalanced to require more skill rather than more speed.  You will also be able to upgrade or refit your units just like in fleet-ops, but with the exception of the Borg, no new units or models will be added.  Well, technically, a planet is a unit, but they all use the same models.  I'll add more planets and more spots to get Dilithium and Latinum from.  Biomatter will be used for supply and the trading station will be enhanced.

Here are some more features for this mod:

  • Scout-russhing is now just annoying.  To the player that is doing the scout-rush, it's a waste of resources.
  • The trading station has been given enhanced features.
  • All factions start with construction ships and scouts, but not starbases.
  • Mixed-tech is now available with the ability to build from the alien techtree and the ability to give construction ships.  All ships can be given to allies now.
  • Species-8472 is no longer playable, but can be placed in as map objects.
  • Ships won't go derelict as easily as they used to without special weaponry.
  • The mining rates are different for each faction, and each faction can hold a different resource payload.

  • The Borg will now build Orbital facilities around planets.
  • The Borg now have no real base to build from, allowing them to build anywhere on the map that they want.
  • Borg Probe can be converted into a Probe Relay station.
  • The Borg adaptor (previously called Assimilator in stock Armada 2) now has a technology assimilator and crew assimilator only on adaption modules that can only lock onto vessel of the faction the adaption modules are from.
  • The sphere, diamond, and cube now have technology assimilator and crew assimilator when equipped with more than one assimilation module, and has holding beam when equipped with at least one assimilation module.
  • The adaptor has an extra chassis that takes the place of the Assembler, Mining Station, Research Center, and Recycler with the respective modules.
  • The Adaptor will do increased damage to vessels of the faction that the adaption modules are from and receive reduced damage.
  • The probe has a special module to allow it to mine from dilithium resources.
  • The Borg require you to assimilate crew with the crew assimilator in order to survive.  Don't use the crew assimilator, and you will loose!

  • The dreadnought missile is now armed and has stronger shields.
  • The bioship that is brought onto the map by the quantum singularity weapon is now a lot stronger and a lot more dangerous to use.
  • Some of the special weapons have been enhanced.

  • The Temporal research facility's weapon now lasts 2 minutes instead of 45 seconds.
  • The Agein class special has been moved to the Nebula class.  The Agein class has been removed.
  • The Defiant class is not considered a battleship.
  • The Iwo Jima class has a pulse that targets the shield generators.
  • The Saber class and Intrepid class now have a few tricks up their sleaves.
  • Federation turrets can be upgraded to go into late-game.

I haven't though about what the other factions will have yet.  I'm not familiar enough with them to know what to modify.  But they all have some sort of enhancement.  Also, there are gameplay features I forgot to list.  I'm sure that I'll remember after I hit the submit button.

I haven't had very much success with this conversion, so instead of putting them all in at once, I'll put them in one at a time to make sure that the game doesn't crash on me.

The good new is, that the program no longer crashes on start up.  The bad news is, that as soon as I exit edit mode, the game crashes anyways.  But it doesn't crash as long as I'm in edit mode.

I found that I accidentally deleted parts of my backup fleet-ops system.  And when I copied it so I could create the mod, key interface elements were missing.  Such as the font, cursor, selection rectangle, ect.  I'm in the process of repairing that error.

I've been testing the stock defiant class vessel and other than the crashes interfering with the test, it looks good.  I haven't been able to put it in action yet because of the crashes.

Now that I've got the system repairs sufficiently, the stock Defiant class vessel works now.  It's a start, now for the rest of the units.

I'm going to add the Borg first because they'll take up the most ODFs.  The Borg will have the following stations.
  • Orbital Resource Assimilator - Built by Support Adaptor
  • Assembly Framework - Built by Support Adaptor
  • Probe Relay - Converts some probe variations into static relay stations/turrets.

The Borg will have the following chassis for their vessels.
  • Probe - 2 Module Slots - Chassis Cost 150 Dilithium, 110 Metal (vessel has shields)
      [li]Beam Module - Limit of 1 - Multi-Targeting Scanners + Partial Beam Adaption.
    • Torpedo Module - Limit of 1 - New Torpedo Weapon + Partial Torpedo Adaption.
    • Assault Module - Limit of 2 - Auto-Transport on shield drop + Boarding party strength.
    • Detect Module - Limit of 2 - Basic Cloak Detection, Advanced Cloak Detection.
    • Mining Module - Must be 0 or 2 Modules - Mines Dilithium from Dilithium Resources.
    • Cargo Module - Must be 0 or 2 Modules - Converts the probe into a cargo ship to allow trade.
  • Support Adaptor - 1 Module Slot - Chassis Costs 180 Dilithium, 145 Metal
      [li]Assembly Module - Support Adaptor will be capable of building the scout cube, orbital resource assimilator, and assembly framework.
    • Mining Module - Support Adaptor will be a mobile mining station for probes with the Mining module installed.
    • Technology Module - Support Adaptor will research new special weapons for the collective.
    • Recycler Module - Support Adaptor will will be able to take on resources and transmute dilithium into metal and vise-versa.
  • Adaptor - 3 Module Slots - Chassis Costs 210 Dilithium, 190 Metal
      [li]Beam Module - Limit of 1 - Phaser Cannon + Partial Beam Adaption
    • Torpedo Module - Limit of 1 - Torpedo Launcher + Partial Torpedo Adaption
    • Regen Module - Limit of 1 - Increases Regeneration Rate
    • Adaption Module - Limit of 2 - 10% Adaption to Weapons + 10% Adaption to Defenses + Technology Assimilator specific to adapted faction.
  • Sphere - 4 Module Slots - Chassis Costs 720 Dilithium, 480 Metal
      [li]Beam Module - Limit of 3 -  Multi-Targeting Scanners + Partial Beam Adaption
    • Torpedo Module - Limit of 3 - Torpedo Launcher + Partial Torpedo Adaption
    • Regen Module - Limit of 4 - Increase regeneration Rate, Adds Regen Special
    • Assimilation Module - Limit of 3 - Adds Holding Beam, Adds Crew Assimilator, Adds Tech Assimilator.
  • Diamond - 5 Module Slots - Chassis Costs 600 Dilithium, 750 Metal
      [li]Beam Module - Limit of 3 - Milti-Targeting Scanners + Partial Beam Adaption
    • Torpedo Module - Limit of 3 - Torpedo Launcher + Partial Torpedo Adaption
    • Regen Module - Limit of 1 - Increases Regeneration Rate
    • Assimilation Module - Limit of 3 - Holding Beam, Crew Assimilator, Tech Assimilator
    • Support Module - Limit of 5 - Collective Priorities + Deep Scan + Shield Remodulator
  • Cube - 6 Module Slots - Chassis Costs 1850 Dilithium, 1420 Metal
      [li]Beam Module - Limit of 1 - Multi-Targeting Scanners + Partial Beam Adaption
    • Torpedo Module - Limit of 3 - Torpedo Launcher + Partial Torpedo Adaption, Volley Torpedo Launcher
    • Regen Module - Limit of 1 - Increases Regeneration Rate
    • Assimilation Module - Limit of 3 - Holding Beam, Crew Assimilator, Tech Assimilator
    • Tactical Module - Limit of 1 - Tactical Armor + Partial Weapons Adaption (dynamic scale)

The research for the Borg has been figured out.  You'll be able to research a limited amount of technologies.  Also, the Borg won't use Latinum or Biomatter (called Supplies for this mod).  Their ability to quickly climb the techtree (almost instant) is only hindered by the amount of resources that a player has as well as research time.  If you had the resources, you could go right for the cube without building anything before hand.

Borg Technologies that are researched include the following.  You have 20 Research Slots available.  Research is Free!
  • Basic Cloak Detection - 0 Slots Required
  • Advanced Cloak Detection - 1 Slot Required
  • Transwarp Drive - 5 Slots Required
  • Partial Weapons Adaption - 2 Slots Required
  • Partial Armor Adaption - 2 Slots Required
  • Special Energy Enhancer - 1 Slot Required
  • Computer Override - 3 Slots Required
  • Interface Scrambler - 4 Slots Required
  • Ultritium Burst - 3 Slots Required
  • Cutting Beam - 3 Slots Required
  • Resource Assimilation Adaption - 4 Slots Required

Special Borg Stations
  • Capture-The-Flag Uni-Complex
  • Uni-Complex
  • Transwarp Hub

The Uni-Complex will be able to do all of your research for you, but will still take up Research Slots.  You can't build them, but it's recomended that you keep them in one peice if you want the mission to succeede.  The Uni-Complex can build Assembly Support Adaptors only.  Although the Borg can give Latinum and Supplies, they don't use any Latinum or Supplies.  And yes, they will be able to trade with you using convoys.
posted on December 27th, 2010, 12:45 am
Okay, after being forced to restart the tactical cube because gmax corrupted the file, I've finally got a portion of the top armor plating done.  Here's a preview.  The texture I'm using for the cube is from here.  The armor texture is my own.

I've changed the way the files are backed up in gmax to prevent errors like corrupt files from happening again.  If it does happen, at least I'll have a backup.  The cube is a low-poly model that is going at least be a better quality cube than in stock Armada 2.


posted on March 23rd, 2011, 10:47 pm
Scout-russhing is now just annoying.  To the player that is doing the scout-rush, it's a waste of resources.
posted on March 23rd, 2011, 11:37 pm
You know he's not doing this any more right? ;)
posted on March 29th, 2011, 12:35 pm
I'm working on it now.  Due to the fact that the Tereanan Empire mod will take so much longer than this mod, I decided to work on this mod.

There will be two versions of this mod.  One for stock A2 and one for Fleet Operations.  Both will use the stock A2 models, textures, and objects with some additions and modifications.  The weapons will be standardized for most factions except for maybe the Klingons.

I'm actually wanting to use something similar to the FleetOps tooltip system.  And I'm going to use the Unit Value Calculator to help me with the unit stats.  By the way, could an ODF template be put in the guide that gives you a stock A2 ship/station?

This rebalance will be balanced out to allow either a defensive strategy or offensive strategy for just about every faction except for the Borg.  Each faction will have a different number of turrets and shipyards and hopefully, a different number of research facilities or research facilities that do different things.  Each faction will probably have a different number of ships as well.
posted on March 31st, 2011, 6:41 pm
the templates need uodating anyway now due to the codes being reverted but the nxt version should be compatable with both fo and a2 (just removes the need for #include command)
posted on March 31st, 2011, 6:50 pm
Blade wrote:the templates need uodating anyway now due to the codes being reverted but the nxt version should be compatable with both fo and a2 (just removes the need for #include command)

Hm, unless I'm mistaken, I updated the templates to account for the reverted codes :)
posted on March 31st, 2011, 7:04 pm
The templates seem to be missing a few commands though.  I think it's either the weapons rate on low crew or the repair rate on low crew.  The templates do use the stock commands though.  By the way, can stock A2 use vessel-specific shield visuals like Fleet-Operations?
posted on March 31st, 2011, 7:27 pm
The templates probably are missing quite a few commands, but I'm not sure if that was because Blade wanted to simply them or not :). Afterall, GameObject commands number in the hundreds  ^-^ .

For instance, the simple beam template doesn't use the unibeam classlabel, yet that is far superior to a simple beam classlabel  ^-^

Stock Armada 2 cannot use shield visuals like Fleet Ops, but there are some undocumented A2 commands that can be used:

Doca Cola wrote:The command shieldGeometryName can only be used in those "main ordnance file" ODFs like pulseo.odf in stock armada is. it works this way:

You add the command shieldGeometryName to a suitable ODF. (of course  )
you cannot directly change a vessels shield with it, that means a vessel firing with the weapon aren't affected by this command but (like a weapon usually does) the target vessel - which doesn't mean the target could be the source vessel itself  .

Now, what does it do anyway? You can actually assign a SOD filename to the command. That means, when the source vessel fires at the target vessel, the target's shield sod is replaced with the sod you defined in that weapon sod (and only when firing with that weapon on the target vessel) BUT on the downside this is limited to hardcoded shield SOD files. These are by name:


so usage of this command in an ODF file is for example
shieldGeometryName = "xshlddie"
posted on April 1st, 2011, 6:13 pm
I'm going to have to redo a lot of Borg models for this mod, and probably some models of each faction.  The Borg is probably going to receive the most of the model redos though.

By the way, a feature I'm going to put in for the Borg, is going to be called the silent assimilator.  A passive on some Borg vessels that will assimilate 1 crew every few seconds.  If you don't engage the enemy, then the enemy probably won't notice that he/she is being assimilated.  It's basically the same thing as the auto-assim beam, but it's invisible and won't send out any alerts to the enemy.  Sneaky, just like in First Contact!

If a non-Borg vessel is captured by the Borg, that vessel will now be able to be refitted with Borg technology.  Increasing the maximum crew for that vessel, and enhancing the offensive, defensive, and system values for that vessel.  Some vessels may even recieve the silent assimilator.  Only the Borg will even see the option to refit the vessel.

The Probe can be refitted for resource transport either as a mining freighter or cargo ship for trading.  The Adaptor can be refitted as a resource processor or a recycler.  As a recycler, it can trade resources with other players.  The Borg will not gain Latinum during trading because they have no need for it.  However, they can generate Supply using special energy that can be traded.  The Adaptor can also serve to repair allied vessels (non-Borg and unassimilated only).

I found that trading stations give you a bit too much Latinum, so each trading station will give the faction Latinum based on their need for Latinum.  And non-essential resources will pay different amounts based on how much your faction values a specific resource.
posted on April 1st, 2011, 9:38 pm
Here are the units that the Borg will use in this mod.

  • Assembly Cube
        [li]Assembly Cube
      • Scout Cube
      • Probe
      • Orbital Resource Assimilator
      • Assembly Matrix
    • Passives:
        [li]Silent Assimilator
      • Large Docking Bay
    • Weapons:
        [li]Energy Phaser
      • Transwarp Drive
  • Scout Cube
        [li]Triangulation Scanners
    • Weapons:
        [li]Energy Phaser
      • Tactical Scanner
      • Transwarp Drive
  • Probe
        [li]Silent Assimilator
    • Weapons:
        [li]Energy Phaser
      • Remote Tachyon Ping
      • Transwarp Drive
    • Refits:
        [li]Resource Transporter
  • Probe - Resource Transporter Refit
        [li]Dilithium Extraction Beam
    • Modes:
        [li]Resource Extraction Mode
      • Cargo Transport Mode
  • Orbital Resource Assimilator
        [li]Metal Extraction Beam
  • Assembly Matrix
        [li]Adaptor Assembly Matrix
      • Sphere Assembly Matrix
      • Pyramid Assembly Matrix
      • Diamond Assembly Matrix
      • Cube Assembly Matrix

The list would get too long from here if I wen't on listing, so I'll list each item in different posts.  I'll also start listing bonuses that vessels from each faction will get if assimilated, then refitted.  The refit is optional and costs resources, but they pay very well.  The primary thing that you will notice about the assimilation refits is the boost in Offensive, Defensive, and System values plus about double the maximum crew complement.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions?  Please don't ask about the stuff built by the Assembly Matrix, I'll cover that in a future post.
posted on April 1st, 2011, 11:09 pm
Introducing the Borg Pyramid.  The texture is from this page at filefront, but the model is my own.  The model hasn't been hardpointed yet, but it soon will be.

Pyramid 015 of Unimatrix 044

Take out planetary defenses and discharge nanoprobes into the planets atmosphere.  Destroy defensive structures around the planet and assimilate any orbital mining stations that are in the area before assimilating the planet.  Resistance is futile!

Nanoprobe Discharger for discharging dense concentrations of nanoprobes into a planets atmosphere.
Phase Disruptor for taking out any planetary defenses.
Energy Phaser to crush resistance from stationary defense structures or vessels.
Graviton Torpedo Launcher to complement the energy phaser.
Auto Assimilator to assimilate the crew of orbital mining stations and resisting vessels.
Regeneration to regenerate any damage the vessel might have taken during the assimilation process.

Known Weaknesses:
During Planetary Assimilation - The vessel will be unable to defend itself.
After Planetary Assimilation - The vessel will have very low crew rendering it vulnerable to capture and weapon firing rate and regeneration rate will be greatly reduced.
During Regeneration - The vessel will be diverting energy to regenerate and will be unable to assimilate large amounts of crew at once.


posted on April 2nd, 2011, 3:53 pm
Okay, I've copied just about everything from stock A2 into Fleet Ops but the game keeps crashing.  Why is that?  I have the A2 sprites downloaded from the guide, but it crashed.  I need some help debugging this mod.  Here's what I have copied:

odf// (merged)
sprites/ (from FO modding guide)

Basically, I've copied everything from A2 into Fleet Ops but didn't delete anything from Fleet Ops.  Or should I have just restructured my mod's directory to Fleet Ops specifications and just copied the loader?
posted on April 2nd, 2011, 11:39 pm
Do you get an error report or anything? When does it crash?
posted on April 2nd, 2011, 11:42 pm
One method crashes when I start the program, the other method crashes on launch.
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