Permission to use Fleet Ops material in mod

posted on June 8th, 2019, 9:45 pm
I'm about to release a mod for Fleet Ops and I've read the guide:

Of course I'll give everyone whose stuff I used credit in my readme. I could release the mod with only the stuff I added but I think it's more convenient for the people who want to play my mod if my installer contains a full version of Fleet Ops with the mod integrated into it. Obviously that would mean my installer includes original Fleet Ops work, even though I'll strip out as many textures and models as I can to cut down on the file size. I see the Dominion War Mod did the same thing so I'm asking for permission from whoever decides these things to include the original Fleet Ops material I need for my mod to function.

I'm looking forward to your replies.
posted on June 28th, 2019, 1:51 pm
Personally I think it is a very bad idea to include the whole game (I know FO is a "mod", but I'l refer it as a game anyway) into your installer. Not only it makes the mod unnecessarily huge, it makes playing it inconvenient. FO has an excellent mod handling system, which can use every material of the stock game not overwritten by the mod, plus it's super easi to switch between mods or even play them simultaneously!
Granted, it is simpler for you to just throw everything into a ZIP file and release it as a mod, but it also very lazy. I had some hard time when I completed my mod, but I think it more than worth the time you spend on it. hat way you'll get a more elegant, more bug-free, and smaller package. Plus it's always easier to change things if you know exactly which files you already edited.

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