Mini DW Mod: A time to stand

posted on January 6th, 2019, 10:07 am
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I'm making a small mod for fleetops. It won't be a big mod, just changing a few things to make it feel it's set during Dominion War. The original gameplay of fleetops mostly remains the same.

Download:!QEwTnQLS!1fpuCuAKECKL ... Y_SIyMk7F8

This mod must be run using fleetops' mod settings:
0. install fleetops 3.2.7 first.
1. create a mod folder in fleetops Data folder, e.g. "Fleet Operations\Data\Mods"
2. extract my mod into the mod folder.
3. start fleetops and click options, you'll see mod settings. click it and you can now select my mod to play.

Cardassian starbase by Wrath of achilles
Galor and Keldon class by Nine of nine
Hideki class by Deemon
Defense platform by Deemon
Cardassian freighter by Deemon
Danube Class by Redragon
posted on January 10th, 2019, 4:25 am
Federation Venture class replaced by Danube class.
Some Cardassian sprites remade.

Federation: add Prometheus class warp-in.
Borg: allow construction of graviton turrets.

Risner avatar can build Nova class (Rhode island refit) now.
Both federation avatars can build nova class.
Dominion supply freighter is Cardassian cargo ship, it can toggle supply mode and mining mode.
Dominion-Romulan mixtech yard can build Keldon class with cloak ability.

Allows Klingon field yards to build k'tinga class.
Replace Dominion phaser sentry with Cardassian defense platform.
Allows Dominion large yards to build one Dreadnought prototype. (Both avatars)
Switch Nova and Avalon class between Mayson and Risner avatar, Risner avatar allows Sovereign to launch fighters.

- Outpost now builds centaur class instead of newton class.
- Antares yards now builds excelsior and steamrunner class, instead of monsoon and canaveral class.
- Eraudi yards now builds galaxy and nebula class, instead of excelsior-ii and remore class.
- Coloning facility model replaced with Cardassian monac starbase.
- Dominion scout ship replaced with Hideki class.
- Dominion escort cruiser replaced with Galor class, can be built without prototype.
- Dominion heavy cruiser replaced with Keldon class.
- Both avatars now builds Cardassian units, so Puretech is changed to "Weyoun".

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