Mini DW Mod: A time to stand (v2.0 released)

posted on January 6th, 2019, 10:07 am
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I'm making a small mod for fleetops. It won't be a big mod, just changing a few things to make it feel it's set during Dominion War. The original gameplay of fleetops mostly remains the same.

Download:!MNoxTKTZ!JB__-iLrnDjr ... pe7D_sE4L8

If you've installed previous versions (1.5 or older), please delete the "a time to stand" folder and install again.
This mod must be run using fleetops' mod settings:
0. install fleetops 3.2.7 first.
1. create a mod folder in fleetops Data folder, e.g. "Fleet Operations\Data\Mods"
2. extract my mod into the mod folder.
3. start fleetops and click options, you'll see mod settings. click it and you can now select my mod to play.

A credit list file is included in the mod, thanks for those who kindly grant permissions.
posted on January 10th, 2019, 4:25 am
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Changes: (Lines in yellow are changes in v2.0)
New Map:
- The Reef (ds9 version): Deep Space Nine had been abandoned for unknown reason, find it and board it to control this mighty station:
-- DS9 can toggle between mining station and repair facility.
-- hidden abandoned ships in various area of the map.

The following changes are same for both avatars unless specified.
- Increase verteran cap to 90.
- Increase warp-in cap to 15.

- Mayson avatar changed to Captain Sisko, Risner avatar changed to Admiral Ross.
- Outpost now builds Danube and Curry class instead of Venture and Newton class.
-- Danube class has same specs as Venture class.
-- Ross avatar's Curry class is repair vessel and can be upgraded.
-- Sisko avatar's Curry class is fighter carrier and can be upgraded to repair vessel.

- Antares yards now builds Excelsior, Miranda, Centaur and Steamrunner class, instead of Intrepid, Monsoon and Canaveral class.
-- Excelsior class: requires starship chasis level 1.
-- Miranda class: requires starship chasis level 1. Same specs as Monsoon class.
-- Steamrunner class: requires starfleet science. leveling-up to first rank can use tricobalt triloader.
-- Centaur class: requires starfleet science. leveling-up to first rank can use remote shield.

- Eraudi yards now builds Galaxy and Nebula class, instead of Excelsior-ii and Remore class.
-- Galaxy class can use type-3 torpedoes after leveling up to first rank.
-- Nebula class: requires starship chasis level 2. Can use tactical torpedo pod.
-- Sisko avatar has increased offensive and system values of Defiant class vessels.
- Starfleet command warp-in changes:
-- Prometheus class available as tactical support. It consumes 4 warp-in slots.
-- Excelsior class (Lakota refit) available in random standard warp-in.
-- Sisko avatar grants USS Defiant warp-in. It consumes 4 warp-in slots.
-- Ross avatar grants USS Bellerophon warp-in. It consumes 4 warp-in slots.

- Mandril class freighter replaced with civilian federation freighter.
- Mixtech yards build Intrepid, Mandril, Monsoon, Canaveral, Excelsior-II, Remore, and Newton class as in original fleetops.

- Coloning facility replaced with Cardassian starbase, and build Hideki class and Cardassian cargo ship.
-- Hideki class has same specs as scout ship.
-- Cardassian cargo ship can toggle between supply mode and mining mode.(worker ship still available)
- Dominion yards can build Galor class instead of escort cruiser.
-- Galor class can be built without prototype, has same specs as escort cruiser.
- Dominion large yards can build Keldon class and V-15 dreadnought prototype.
- Dominion phaser sentry replaced with Cardassian defense platform.
- Cardassian ships and stations have their weapon colors changed to yellow-orange.
- Puretech avatar changed to "Weyoun".
- Romulan mixtech yard builds Keldon class with cloak ability.
- Borg mixtech yard builds Dominion escort cruiser and heavy cruiser as in original fleetops.

- Martok avatar changed to Gowron. TaQ'roja avatar changed to Martok.
- Allows construction of K'tinga and Topmey class in field yards.
- Moqbara' Station model replaced with Ty'gokor station.
- kahless station now builds military freighters seen in DS9 episode.

- Helev avatar changed to Koval. Mijural avatar changed to Cretak.
- Starbase now builds Romulan shuttle seen in DS9 episode.
- Staryard now builds Talon class.

- Allows construction of graviton turrets by assembler.

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