Dominion Fighter Addon

posted on July 10th, 2013, 9:26 am
This is my idea for adding Dominion fighters to more ships.

Add fighters to:
S-2 Escort Cruiser (1 Fighter Hanger)
C-11 Interception destroyer (carrier refit/no prototype) (1 Fighter, 1 Assault Hanger)
T-15 Heavy Cruiser (2 Fighter Hanger, 1 Assault Hanger)
C-17 Siege Cruiser (2 Assault Hanger, 1 Fighter Hanger)
V-13 Battleship (3 Fighter Hanger, 2 Assault Hanger)
S-7 Defender (refit) (3 Fighter hanger, 3 Assault Hanger)
Hyperspace Artillery Refit (smaller, built at large yard) (2 Fighter hanger, 4 Assault Hanger)

Two Types of Hangers: Fighters (beam), Assault (pulse, torpedo0
Hanger size: 6

I might also suggest an odf name change to make it easier to find in the FPQ thing. Something to consider for the next installment.

DFighter.odf (Stock fighter)
DAssault.odf (shruken scout)
DFighterW1.odf (beam)
DAssaultW1.odf (pulse)
DAssaultW2.odf (torpedo)

These are my ideas on other Dominion ships that might make good carriers. Support ships in particular if you take the special abilities out that makes room for fighters. What do you think? Any comments or suggestions are welcome. This mod will come with the next release of my Star Wars Faction Addon.
posted on July 14th, 2013, 6:56 am
Regarding your Dominion ships I think that the Dominion is a strong race with powerful weapons and shields, so they has to be stronger.

You have many great ideas, so would be nice to implement into your mods :-) And I love to play with your mods. Last night for example, I was playing with your Star Wars mod against the Borgs and I managed to defeat them :-) and I win the game.

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