Design a Borg AI contest

posted on December 22nd, 2016, 5:08 pm
As many of you already know, the newest version of Tryptic's Mod introduced major changes to the Borg tech tree. Unfortunately, it did not introduce a new Borg AI to go with it. Now that I'm back on a full-time work schedule and friends/family are in town visiting for the holidays, I'm just not in a good place to finish it on my own before the new year.

So! I think it's time to open up the project to some collaboration :D

I am pleased to announce the Design a Borg AI contest. Anyone who wishes to join should read the guidelines below and then submit their AI design either as a reply on this thread or so a pm. I will consider the submissions as well as any feedback from the community (people are welcome to judge each others submissions) and finally I will discuss the winning submission with that person and we will tweak it to be properly balanced against the other 4 races. Of course the person will receive credit in the Mod description.

AI submission guidelines

AI files in Fleet Ops are laid out as build orders. Your submission should be a list of ships and structures that will be built in order. The list should include modules for ships that have them. Note that the Borg AI's collective unlink works like a shipyard and doesn't get removed.

The AI also uses 3 or 4 tech levels. A tech level determines when the AI will stop rebuilding smaller ships. If a ship in your build order will be limited to the early game, you must put the maximum tech level after its name. An example of the format for your submissions is as follows:

Borg AI by Tryptic

Tech 1
1 constructor
4 freighter
1 Conduction matrix
1 Collective uplink
1 Vinculums small
1 ScoutcubeI (this Scoutcube will always be rebuilt if it is destroyed)
1 Vinculums small
2 ScoutcubeI 1 (these Scoutcubes will be built, but if they are destroyed after the AI reaches tech level 2, they will not be rebuilt)

Tech 2
1 Vinculum medium
1 SphereRRRT

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