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posted on April 28th, 2013, 10:51 pm
Some of you may have heard about the Star Wars mod I'm planning. I have spoken with a number of people and have optained permission to release it. The first part to be released will be the Rebel Alliance/New Republic. Right now it is an avatar of the Federation so there is no AI yet. The Rebels have the following ships and upgrades

Corellian Corvette - Upgrades to Modified Corellian Corvette
Nebulon-B Frigate - Assign fighters (T-wings, Z-95 Headhunters) - Upgrade Hanger bay (X-wings and Y-wings)
Strike-Class Medium cruiser
Corellian Gunship
Bulk Cruiser - Assign fighters (T-wings, Z-95s) - Upgrade Hanger bay (X-wings)
Dreadnought heavy cruiser - assign fighters - Upgrade to Assault Frigate
MC40a - Assign Fighters

MC80 (Home One type) - assign fighters
MC80a (Liberty type) - Assign fighters - Upgrade Fighter hanger
MC80b (Mon Remonda type) - Assign fighters - Upgrade fighter hanger (including YT-1300 (Smuggler's Experiance))
MC90 - assign fighters - upgrade fighter hanger (E-wings/B-wings)

There are some changes to the stock races as well.

Federation - Peregrine-class
Akira, Sovereign, Descent, San-Fransisco Nebula, Avalon, Galaxy, Outpost (both avatars) now carry fighters (up to three separate hangers)

Romulans - Scorpion-class attack flyer
Outpost, Generix-class Carrier-refit, Norexan, D'Deredix-class warbirds

Planned additions
Klingon fighter
Dominion fighter
Still a few bugs to work out, like I said Coming Soon.

All the star wars models and textures were done by the Star Wars Fleet Command Team.

More Info to come meanwhile, enjoy this screenshot

star wars screenshot.png
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