Tryptic's Mod version 3.2c...I mean 3.2d

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posted on February 1st, 2019, 6:34 pm
It's here, and it's a big one. In this version of Tryptic's Mod, I've gone back over every ship cost in the game and tuned them. Below is a short list of changes. I have highlighted some of the most important things for people to know

-All ships now have a Tritanium cost between 33% and 67% of their Dilithium cost. Ships that were outside this range have usually had their Tri cost increased.
-All ships have had their build time adjusted to more closely match their cost. For example if one ship costs 600 Dilithium and takes 60 seconds, another ship from the same yard that costs 800 Dilithium will take 80 seconds. There are exceptions, but in general the build times are more stable than before.
-All special abilities have been reworked, most deal more damage and have longer disable durations. Special weapons no longer miss. Most races have new abilities specifically for weakening/disabling turrets and starbases.
-Command ships added, which grant 25% bonus damage to nearby ships. Command ships cannot receive this bonus themselves, and some Command ships can only buff smaller ships.
-RADE passive added and each race gets it on one or more ships. RADE deals extra damage to miners and constructors but reduces the ship's vision. This is designed to make early raiding much more effective.
-All Starbase upgrades reworked. Starbase upgrades now require time to complete but are generally better. Each Starbase receives an economic upgrade. A starbase can have both its Defense and Economy upgrades.
-Mixed Tech reworked. There are now fewer variants, but ships can be refitted into their MT variant once the technology has been obtained. Other races' technology can be researched even if there are no players of that race in the game.
-All ship tooltips have been modified to show helpful hints about the ship's strengths and weaknesses.

-Collective Connections removed and replaced by Vinculums
-Vinculums allow Borg ships to be built and come in Small, Medium, and Large
-When a ship is destroyed, its Vinculum is recovered. Therefore Vinculums act more like a cap that can be raised over time
-All Borg vessel costs reworked
-Starbase Economy Upgrade: Logisical Matrix (allows 4 miners to upgrade to Perfect Logistics)
-Starbase Defensive Upgrade: Fortification Matrix (All nearby Borg stations gain a Torpedo weapon with 20 Offense)
-Command Ship: Diamond
-RADE Ship: Probe

-Prototypes are no longer required to build ships, replaced by shipyard upgrades
-Shipyards begin at level 1 and can only produce basic ships and Prototypes
-Once upgraded, Shipyards produce the normal versions of their ships
-Prototypes cost the same as regular ships but move slower, have no special abilities, and cannot rank up
-Starbase Economy Upgrade: Ketracel Synthesizer (convert minerals to Supply or Supply to minerals)
-Starbase Defense Upgrade: Fighter Hangars
-Command Ships: C-11 Interception Destroyer, B-5 Battlecruiser, V-15 Dreadnought (Federation tech)
-RADE Ship: S-2 Escort Cruiser

-Warp-ins are capped based on Chassis Level Research
-Each warp-in takes up 4 slots, each Chassis Level adds 4 slots
-Avalon is now built at the Experimental Yard for both avatars, Miranda II is built at Antares Yard for both avatars
-Most build times reduced, including major reductions to Defiant, Sovereign, and Phalanx build times
-Starbase Economy Upgrade: Industrial Replicators (convert minerals to Supply efficiently)
-Starbase Defense Upgrade: currently still under construction
-Command Ships: Central Warp-ins (Galaxy, Ambassador, Nebula T, Nebula E, Rhode Island), Sovereign, Norway (Mayson only)
-RADE Ship: Saber

-Yard costs tweaked
-Qawduj and BortaS special abilities improved
-Starbase Economy Upgrade: Heavy Industry (can build Shuvak heavy miners, +25% mining speed)
-Starbase Defense Upgrade: Heavy Weaponry (just more guns, cheaper than other races)
-Command Ships: Edjen, Vutpa Refit, Neghvar
-RADE Ships: B'rel with special active, Susa with special active

-Warbird combat stats improved, supply cost increased
-Refit costs reduced, and cost of building refitted ships directly from the Yard reduced even more
-Turrets improved and granted weapon/engine disabling effects
-Harmonic Implosion ability fixed and greatly improved (Generix Singularity Refit)
-Starbase Economy Upgrade: Supply Depot (greatly reduces ship Supply costs)
-Starbase Defense Upgrade: Star Fortress (contains Cloaking Generator allowing all stations and civilian ships to cloak)
-Command Ships: D'Deridex, Tavara
-RADE Ship: Rhienn

posted on July 31st, 2019, 9:14 pm
Hey Tryptic,

A few quick things for 3.2f :thumbsup: -
Borg Optimize logistics upgrades on the freighters - button is clickable but doesn't "go"
Dominion shipyards cannot use the blueprint upgrades during a ceasefire (fixable with overrideCeaseFire = 1 in the 12 yard "*R.odf" files - see attached)
And it would be really awesome for those techs depending on Tryptic's coding to go live :)

Great work! My family and I consistently use your mod for LAN parties and have for years. Know that your efforts are enjoyed and appreciated! :D

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posted on August 4th, 2019, 3:01 am
Hey, thanks for the heads up! When you say Cease Fire, you mean the 5 or 10 minute cease fire options right? I might need to check through a lot of refit-related replaceweapons and make sure they have that line.
posted on August 4th, 2019, 4:16 am
Yes, the 5 or 10 minute options.

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