Tryptic's Mod Version 3

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posted on June 4th, 2017, 2:06 pm
Hey Trip and All,

I fixed the issues with the warbird when playing Mijural. Tryptic, you popped in an X instead of a Y

"rom_dderidexZ.odf 1 rom_research_instituteX.odf"

In the tech1.odf file if you scroll down to Romulan Units, you will see the below.... and you just need to change the X in the above line to a Y and it fixes it. Saves you having to do another release just for that :)

rom_eresis.odf 0
rom_cehlaer.odf 0
rom_dderidexY.odf 1 rom_research_instituteY.odf
rom_dderidexZ.odf 1 rom_research_instituteZ.odf
rom_norexanY.odf 1 rom_talshiar_academyY.odf
rom_norexanZ.odf 1 rom_talshiar_academyZ.odf
rom_tavaraY.odf 1 rom_upgrade_facilityY.odf
rom_tavaraZ.odf 1 rom_upgrade_facilityZ.odf

Great work again! I love your mod... :)
posted on June 5th, 2017, 2:32 am
Ah, thanks for the catch.

I feel bad now that I've been working on Tryptic's Mod. I realize I left 3.0c in a dismal state, with that D'Deridex bug and the Borg AI not working. I should have focused on creating bug-free releases so people can play the dang thing in between my modding spurts.

Lately I've been doing a ton of designing for Tryptic's Mod while I'm at work. I have some incredible ideas for the Federation and Romulan factions, but the time I have to actually code them is very limited. It'll come eventually, but it may take a while longer :sweatdrop:
posted on June 5th, 2017, 4:58 am
Your mods are fantastic so a minor blip like that... ?! You aren't an entire team. I'm happy to catch things.... I'm no expert but happy to help a bit where I can lol.

Did you release 3.0c? I've only seen up to 3.0b on media fire.

Either way, had four of us like jnalan game at my mates the other weekend and it was great!
posted on June 24th, 2017, 3:55 pm
I don't know enough about Fleet Ops other then a few of us get together once a month (twice since we do Classic a2 mod once a month as well).

I wanted to ask if it was OK to start hosting your Mod (3.0) on our Community Website. I am a long standing member of and I am the host every 2 weeks for Star Trek Armada II.

We have pretty much moved on from Star Trek Armada II all together and went to Fleet ops using Classic A2 Mod, while also dabbling in fleet ops since its an awesome TC.

I have heard over and over great things/Balances you have brought to Fleet ops with this mod for FO, I was wondering if It could be something we could try, but again We don't play it competitively like you guys might.
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