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posted on June 20th, 2017, 4:47 am
In the next version of Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations - Tryptic's Mod, the Romulan faction enters a new era of cunning and potency. A number of technological advances have brought about new abilities for their fleet, as powerful sub - factions vie for supremacy. In short, they're getting some cool stuff.

Starships and Warbirds
The new Flagship Command passive encourages players of every race to combine fleets. Small and Medium-sized vessels belonging to the player receive a 15% damage increase when they fly within range of a command ship. This bonus does not stack or affect large ships, so adding just a single command ship to the fleet will result in a strong synergy. Command vessels are supply intensive, but otherwise simple to deploy and use.

Romulan Command ships include the D'Deridex and the Tavara. One of the Tavara's three refits carries a specialized version of Flagship Command that affects Large vessels as well, for the Warbird - obsessed commander.In addition to this change, the Romulan Empire continues to have relatively easy access to Warbird technology. However, Romulan players will quickly discover that for every Warbird they unlock, they also gain access to several Staryard vessels making it easier to establish parallel production.

The Senate and the Tal'shiar

Internal "competition" between the Imperial Senate and the Tal'shiar has become more pronounced, and so technologies fall more starkly along two lines of development. The Upgrade Facility supports Disruptor Rhienns, Generix Centurions, and the mighty Tavara along with all their special abilities, while the Tal'shiar Academy supports Torpedo Rhienn's, Generix Spectres and Norexans with their special abilities. Refit no longer require additional technology, making them more accessible than ever. Choose the flavor of your fleet, or mix and match to find the most effective combination.

Vessel roles in the fleet
Individual Romulan ships now have highly focused roles in which they excel. Romulan refit technology allows the fleet to change its tactics as the game develops, keeping the Romulan player from being locked down by early decisions.

Rhienn: This vessel gains the new Rapid Arms Deployment passive, which grants it +50% damage against construction vessels and +100% damage against freighters at the cost of - 20% sensor range. This means that it cannot, in fact, fire at its full weapons range using its own vision. Nevertheless, the extra damage makes all ships with this passive highly effective against early expansion strategies.

Rhienn Disruptor Refit: while this vessel does not have the RAD passive, its Multitargeting Disruptor ability has been modified to target only ships which will enable them to decimate a group of freighters even despite static defenses.

Rhienn Torpedo Refit: Focusing instead on dealing massive damage to undefended locations, this vessel's new Quadcobalt Charge ability drops a powerful explosive at the Rhienn's current position. The charge will build for several seconds before detonating, calling severe damage to anything in the immediate area.

Shrike: Mijurial's unique strike vessel gains a new effect due to its Advanced Cloaking device that causes the vessel to have a low gathering priority. The result is that the Shrike will not be targeted automatically by enemy ships as long as there are other targets in range, much like civilian ships or scouts. This ability also applies to certain Tavara's variants and the Mixed-Tech Brel, allowing these ships to mix with a more powerful Armada without being singled out for destruction.

Generix: The Generix cruiser's armament has been changed to a pair of beam Disruptors on order to combat the smaller ships common to the early game. With its deadly newfound firepower, the ship's speed has been reduced to limit it to a defensive role.

Generix Singularity Refit: now available early in the Romulan tech tree, this vessel can begin powering your ships and turrets much earlier in the game. The Harmonic Implosion ability is not available until later, but each time it is used the ship has a small chance to gain a rank. Veteran ships no longer escape the 3-vessel cap.

Generix Centurion Refit: this vessel takes a similar reduction in speed. I am debating changing its special ability for the vector torpedo but am still undecided

Generix Spectre Refit: Speed plays a critical part in the new role of this vessel. A large speed increase combined with a speed boost when its special ability is active will allow the Spectre to mercilessly hunt down the small, fast vessels it is designed to counter.

Leahval: while its raiding ability remains mostly the same, the Leahval gains the Plasma Flare ability. This allows it to drop a short-lived flare that attracts all enemy fire for a few seconds. In exchange for this powerful damage mitigation ability, the Leahval's abilities cost a high amount of energy and will be best used with Singularity Generator support.

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