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posted on September 5th, 2021, 4:07 pm
Hello! I had a question (or a few). Regarding FO: Roots and-or Dominion War mods and specifically the Scimitar class ships. Since these mods are an extension of FO, I figured this was the best place to ask?

I wanted to add in the Scimitar's original abilities (you know.. the ones that made them OP in A2 Classic) the Perfect/Thalaron cloak (allows fire while cloaked) and the Thalaron Beam (that annihilated everything). With FO's semi-new formats in the ODF files, don't match up with the original mod's but I think I managed to get the Perfect Cloak integrated (Untested) so far but heeeeeeere's the real question.

The Thalaron Beam was based on the borg diamond's ultritium burst but I don't see that ability in FO's Borg, so I have nothing to compare with or if the ability will even function if I port it over. A lot of the file's variables/naming structure does seem to be the same with FO adding more that I haven't seen before.

(finally to the actual question)
Q: Does FO Borg still have the ultritium burst ability somewhere, maybe as a different named file or something that I can compare to; Or perhaps even, would a modder like to add in a Thalaron Beam/Wave weapon option (add-on?)

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