Questions ( several of them... )

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posted on October 27th, 2016, 8:34 pm
Questions about modding :

in the ordinance .odf files, there are lots of damage values, how are they derived?

in the weapons .odf files, the "shotdelays" are calculated, how?
in the weapons .odf files, weapons damage, calculated how?

how are the player chosen "Avatar" effects on the ships/stations calculated?
did read this : ... menclature
... suspect "the hard way" ... :)

Found this page : ... nit-Values
( Thanks for the .xls file! ) :thumbsup:

But it didn't show what I was after.

Are there any guidelines about unit stats?
Example : the Destroyer class has a combined ( Offensive/Defensive/System ) value less than ...

Are there any guidelines on weapon damage per rank levels?
.... which weapons improve and how much?
.... how much is too much / overpowered?

On the "Modding Guide" ...
If you liked an older version of a vessel ( i.e. v3.0.7 and/or v3.1.5 ) is it allowed to "bring it back" in a mod?

Thanks for the game. Very enjoyable.
posted on October 29th, 2016, 12:44 pm
Well, as you may have already figured out, every single ordinance file defines how much damage it deals to every single ship. The original Devs used a script that would generate all these thousands of lines at once, according to their formula.

All that we can do without that formula is some tricky copy/pasting. In order to create a new weapon, I find an existing ship with the same range and passives, then I have an Excel document that I use to divide all the values by the old Offense value and multiply them by the new Offense value.
posted on October 30th, 2016, 11:24 pm
Thanks for the response.

The "math / algorithm" in the original script used for "weapons / ordinance" files is no longer available? :o
( Was it an Excel spreadsheet w/macros embedded, by chance? )

In other words, be prepared to redo all ships / weapons values if anything is added or changed. ( new algorithm && shell script ).

Noticed some of the links in the Guide for modding tools / resources no longer work.

Will spend some time in thought before proceeding.

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