How to re-activate assimilated textures and damage effects?

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posted on May 2nd, 2017, 2:08 am
Hey guys,

New to the forums. Had the original STA1 game and loved it for years.
Love STA2 and the FO modifications, great effort all round.

I have read through the forums as best I can and found they are working on the texture for assimilated textures and damage. From what I read the original method of handling this would cause potential performance issues.

I have noted the date of the last update to be a few years ago.
I would assume from the last update the FO mod is as completed as it will ever be and it's a damn fine piece of work.

I would however love to reintroduce the original assimilated textures/function and the damage effects.
Can someone explain the process of turning this back on?
I would like to assess the extent of the performance hit to see its worth introducing the features, at least until an alternative has been developed.

Many thanks guys,
posted on May 2nd, 2017, 2:48 pm
Welcome to our forums!

Yes, work on Fleet Operations for Armada 2 has ended for several reasons a few years ago.

I think the usage of borg texture files is hardcoded within armada to be used by the race with the hardcoded "borg" definition name. Since we use a different race definition name (afaik "borgcollective"), these won't appear.
Afaik in the first place we went without these textures, since we didn't find them aesthetically pleasing and instead went for actual borg structures on assimilated vessels.
Other than that Armada is very greedy caching texture files and never releasing them. Which eventually leads to Armada crashing when it cannot allocate any more memory. To some degree it might have been another a reason why we never bothered with borg textures for all vessels, as that would basically doubled the memory usage per ship texture in many cases. This was a big flaw with the engine and would have been way to complicated to fix back then.

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