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posted on May 18th, 2024, 4:24 pm
HI All,

Had a question regarding attackPower and intrinsicValue. From the guide here:


Float, Default: ???

Determines the intrinsic value of a target for AI global goal evaluation (influences where the AI attacks): locations with higher intrinsicValue Craft are preferred targets.

Consequently, if given a choice between sending units to investigate low intrinsicValue Craft and high intrinsicValue Craft, the AI will investigate the high intrinsicValue Craft. Note, that once the vessels are at the target, they will still choose targets based on the attackPower of target Craft in the area.

The inputted value affects how the AI behaves when combined with the AIP command, int intrinsic_value_bonus. See the Artificial Intelligence page for more information.

intrinsicvalue = 23.3

Float, Default: 1.0

Influences how the AI evaluates and compares Craft to determine attack priorities on a case by case basis for normal and special weapons. This affects how Craft without explicit attack orders determine which targets to attack as well. Note that Craft with negative attackPower will not be preferred until non-negative Craft (including 0.0!) are removed (in this case the more negative the attackPower, the less preferred).

The calculation for determining attack priorities is as follows: Current Hitpoints / attackPower = Craft Attack Value. Take the following example:

attackPower of target Craft-A is 5.0 and has 2000 total hitpoints (shield + hull hitpoints), which gives an attack value of 400
attackPower of target Craft-B is 1.0 and has 2000 total hitpoints (shield + hull hitpoints), which gives an attack value of 2000

If presented with both targets, an enemy Craft will be overwhelmingly likely to attack Craft-A, as 400 < 2000. If the total hitpoints of Craft-B are reduced to 400, the two targets are equally preferred. If the total hitpoints of Craft-B are reduced to 399 or lower, Craft-B is targeted exclusively.

Note that the choice of target can be influenced by which target appeared within sensor range first (add ~1 attack value) and distance to the target (closer targets are preferred).

We know the AI attacks a scout with AP of 50 vs the battleship next to it with AP of 500. I was wondering if anyone has tested/found that if the battleship has a 1.0 IV and the scout has a .25 IV and the int intrinsic_value_bonus in the AIP's is say 1000, would the AI then target the battleship first or is IV not computed in ship to ship combat?

This assumes an AP value of 1.0 for every ship with weapons. Does the intrinsic_value_bonus parameter in the AIP's in any way interact with the intrinsicValue of a ship? Or is it only used on stations at the strategic level?
posted on May 18th, 2024, 5:07 pm
I mean... Im pretty low IQ. and thats all WAYYYY above my head.

But I think sometimes coding is done in a way that may make it seem wrong or buggy. When in fact its a feature to make the player and the human commander pay attention and adapt in different situations..

I know that probably doesn't help AT ALL.
posted on May 18th, 2024, 5:44 pm
I vaguely remember testing this and reaching the conclusion that attackpower is for the tactical level and intrinsicvalue for the strategic level. In any case this is easy to test, even easier because if you test in map editor mode there is no strategic AI.

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