wormhole control

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posted on October 27th, 2012, 5:43 pm
i was wondering if someone could help me please,
you can make a wormhole specifically compatible to 1 player and only that player.
you can make a wormhole compatible to all players as default

is it possible to make a wormhole compatible to more than just 1 player but not all of them?
or even better
to exclude 1 specific player?

posted on October 27th, 2012, 5:52 pm
Nope, that's not currently possible.
posted on October 27th, 2012, 6:11 pm
would it be easier to create a weapon that only affects 1 player (or affects all but one player).

then have an invisible unit sitting at both ends of the wormhole that does 999999 (or some other big number) dps to the required players units that get close. would instantly wipe out ships that try use the wormhole, would dissuade them from using it. might be easier than fiddling with the wormhole itself.
posted on October 27th, 2012, 6:35 pm
that would be effective to stop people but the A.I wouldnt which would be a problem for me.

the only work around i can think of is to have a ridiculous amount of wormholes so everybody has 1 each, for each section. the aim was to make it so once you sent a fleet to an area it cant escape to repair. only sending constructors or more ships can help you.

it makes it a teritories type of map and ship deployment decisions are critical.

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