Map Concept Using Scripts

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posted on January 14th, 2014, 8:19 pm
Concept 1:
I couldn't help but notice that in the guide, derelicts are generally discouraged because once the map has been played, everybody knows where the derelict is. But what if someone used MMM to sort-of randomize the position of the derelict? That way, you'd have to scout it out before you could use it. Also, what if the script crewed that derelict so that if you tried to capture it, you'd be in for a nasty surprise!

Concept 2:
In the event of a team match where teams are unbalanced, the team with the fewer players would be given additional resources via an MMM script. For example, if a game ended up being a 3 v 2 instead of a 3 v 3, the team with 2 players would get the resources of the third player split among them evenly. The formula for finding out how many extra resources each player gets is simple:

1. Find the difference between the number of players on the largest team and the number of players on the smallest team.
2. Find the amount of resources that the smallest team is lacking because of the lack of other players.
3. Divide those resources evenly among the present players on the smallest team.

For example, in a 2v2, each team gets 8,000 Dilithium, 4,000 Tritanium and 500 Supply, which is spread evenly across all players. If there is a lone player, then that player gets all of those resources.

But in a 4v4, each team gets 16,000 Dilithium, 8,000 Tritanium and 2,000 Supply. If one team only has two players, then the 8,000 Dilithium, 4,000 Tritanium and 1,000 Supply that would otherwise not be available for the team will be divided evenly among the team players that are present.

This probably isn't a perfect solution for a lack of players on one team, but it'll sure give the lacking team a fighting chance. This leads to:

Concept 3:
If a player on one team quits, instead of all of his/her units being destroyed and the resources ultimately being destroyed, all of the resources of the absent player are distributed evenly across the rest of the team as well as the firepower and mining capabilities of that player. Construction is probably useless however. But it does give the team a fighting chance. Especially since they now have more resources and miners. And the other team still has to deal with those pesky ships and stations.
posted on January 14th, 2014, 8:29 pm
1: randomness wouldn't be very easy to achieve with balance. for one, it would have to be equidistant from all starting points. giving players easy info to search for the derelict.

also if it had a crew, then the ai would control it, and do incredibly stupid things with it.

2/3: when a player quits the resources they currently had in the bank (not CC) should go to a random ally. combat units should transfer, but economy and stations shouldn't, as yards couldn't build if transferred to a different race. any economy/stations should just be turned into resources (full refund of build cost) and added to the resource bank they had.
posted on January 14th, 2014, 8:41 pm
Myles wrote:also if it had a crew, then the ai would control it, and do incredibly stupid things with it.

That's what I'm counting on!
posted on January 14th, 2014, 8:46 pm
TChapman500 wrote:That's what I'm counting on!

it's a bad idea. if the vessel is weak then it's irrelevant, and it it's strong the ai can bumrape players with it. i don't think derelicts are a good idea for mp skirmishes. maybe derelicts would work in sp games or mp coop missions.

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