New map, by Denarius, The Expanse

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posted on March 2nd, 2011, 1:27 pm
Hey guys,
I've created my first map for flops!
I was wondering what you guys thought of it!
Please play test this map.

Here is the info + a picture:

Map Size: 20k x 16k (width x height)
Type of Map: Symmetrical
# of Players: 6
Play Style: 3v3 (Top vs. Bottom)
Kind of Map:
- Lots of corridors with some big open spaces.
- Some green, purple and lightning nebulas

- It may contain small blocking triggers!

The map has tight corridors which are mostly created by asteroid belts.
Also the map has some nebula emplacement.
These are the green ones, which restore shields and decloaks.
There is also a pair of purple nebula which are excellent for the borg. It is set up to be able to contain one borg sphere. Or it should anyways.


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The Expanse.png

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