Display Rank Stats from Initial to Vet. in database

posted on April 4th, 2011, 4:56 am
I think I mentioned I was doing something like this earlier, but it seems with different versions some of the stats will invariably change. 

The main thing I'm interested to know is if it would be possible to see the first rank up stats, and the stats for the rank before Vet, double Gold bar. Those are most important in my mind, 2 silver-1 Gold/1Silver I'd be glad to see but at the moment I'm not looking to study that so much.

We already see the initial stats for non ranked in database, as well as the final Veteran Rank Stats. I think it would be of benefit to be able to see at a glance on how a ship improves from non-rank to 1 silver. Also, while Veteran is good to know, the vast majority of ships will be capped at 2 Gold bar. So it would be good to know what the difference is between these two. I offer the below from what I recorded on a version a while back maybe in September or October, I haven't double checked or anything but assume this is still relatively accurate:

In order of Off/Def/Sys

Vorcha Initial: 38/30/14

Rank 1 40/32/14
Rank 2 42/34/14
Officer Rank 1 44/36/14
Officer Rank 2 46/38/14
Veteran Rank 67/75/14 8 slots

Vutpa Initial: 34/25/11

Rank 1 35/28/11
Rank 2 37/30/11
Officer Rank 1 38/33/11
Officer Rank 2 40/35/11
Veteran Rank 51/61/11 6 slots

So for instance, you can compare units within a race, or with other faction and just see where you stand. A non veteran Vorcha (but double gold bar) boosts its off and def by 8 each, Vutpa improves 6 in off, and 10 in def.

If this isn't significant enough to affect decisions... I can understand that. But from these two units, you see Vorchas upgrade are more well rounded, whereas the Vutpa really gets its defensive up more. So considering these units are relatively very similar in costs... which do you want to invest in knowing these ranked stats. So for whatever reason, if you wanted, you could just look up on the database and different choices of units, or what your facing, and see what appeals to you. Luspet as well for martok, very similar costs. (wonder what those stats are like. each is relatively 750/250. so what are you paying for in the long run)

Obviously other bigger influences like specials, and weaponry Beam vs Torpedoes and all... but I was just curious.

Would anyone else be interested in seeing this information, or ...? I think I asked this before and got a response, but don't quite remember the overall idea of it.

I think it was something like the database just isn't completed yet, which is fine, I was just wondering and seeing what others might think.
posted on April 4th, 2011, 6:13 am
I would be interested in seeing something similar too. That info about the Klingon ships was interesting.
posted on April 4th, 2011, 10:05 pm
Yeah, you can see in an instant how ships compare.

If you got a Vutpa to double gold bar, you'd have 40/35/11 an initial Vorcha is 38/30/14. already at first rank up it is 40/32/14. A rank 1 vorcha is relatively even with that of a Vutpa at double gold bar.

Yes there are differences. Specials. Vutpas torps never miss. Vorcha is beam to start. etc. but still. information that may serve useful nonetheless.

Not much difference in the costs of a Vorcha, Vutpa, and Luspet. But still some significant differences in stats. I used to not even build luspets, I was content with Vorcha I knew from Star Trek. The Luspet costs comparatively less (bit more in supplies, bit less in dilithium, almost even in tri) but much more impressive with its stats.
posted on April 6th, 2011, 12:12 am
also, you can compare ships between factions. ship x in faction 1 has offense of ... in faction 2, the first ship to be at or equivalent to this is ... nice bit of homework to do.

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