Where to get Star Trek Armada II to install Fleet Operations

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posted on November 18th, 2009, 8:37 am
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Your Armada 2 CD scratched? Broke into pieces? Your dog ate it? You lost it after you moved? You are just conjuring up some silly stories because you never actually owned Armada 2 and now want an not-so-legal way to get it? Look no further!

If your CD is really scratched or lost
  • You could at first try to Activision support and ask for a replacement. Personally i have never heard that someone even tried that, on the other hand i assume that if they even have a replacement disk at hand for you, they for sure want some $$. "Activision no longer produces or supports Star Trek games. All Activision Star Trek titles are out of print. Unfortunately we will also not be able to provide replacement discs for any Star Trek title."
  • Alternatively, you could ask a friend to create you a copy or a virtual copy (to be used with tools like Daemon Tools) of his Armada 2 CD.

If you want to buy a new copy
  • There seem to be some copies over at amazon.com or ebay.com from time to time. However they are usually very pricy as the game is relatively rare.
  • If you have a shop nearby that sells games and had no luck finding a copy of Armada 2 instead try to look for a 'Star Trek Action Pack'. It includes Elite Force + Elite Force Addon + Armada 1 + Armada 2. I have seen that here in germany a few times and heard that it may be available in that form in other countries too.
  • There is a German localized version available you may get over at ebay.de or amazon.de often at much lower prices than for the english version. Make sure though that the seller offers international shipment.
    The german version is (obviously) not in english but has a (even for german listeners) horrible dub. If you are just interested in playing Fleet Operations with that version, you don't need to care about that, as Fleet Operations brings its own set of voices with it. So even with that localized version there is absolutely no difference to the english version. If you are interested in playing 'stock' too, there is an english language conversion pack available over at armada2files.com.

Other ways to get Armada 2
Obviously other ways to get an Armada 2 copy through file sharing or various file hosters exist. We do not care if you want to get your copy - depending on the laws in your country - illegally. That is absolutely your thing - in some cases this presents to be only way to get Armada 2 at all, as it has not been distributed in every country and only until 2003 when Activision gave up their Star Trek license.
Please do not ask for help here in the forums on where to find such versions. We do not care about if you do use them but we also do not support that either.

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