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posted on June 21st, 2014, 12:44 am
Hi all, I am a massive fan of what has been created here but I come here with a personal request to the Devs.

Before I ask, I play this game mostly offline and I prefer a long and tedious struggle on 8 player maps free for all. Although Fleet Ops has achieved so much more than what star trek armada 2 was originally designed for, after playing fleet ops for a couple of years it would be great to see some updates and additional content released. I want to ask the Devs if they can release some or all of there finished tasks just to spice the game up until the NX project is complete. I understand that a lot of the Devs are working on the NX project but why not give the fans something while we wait, besides it could just make the fans have a better desire for NX.

I would personally be grateful for any new stuff I know its a lot to ask, but some of the things I see and read in the news post have made me check for updates, news and the progress table for months. If any one of the Devs have took there time to read this, please consider this and thank you.. Give the fans something more to be excited for :D

P.S I soooooo badly want to play with the new runabouts !!!!!
posted on June 21st, 2014, 3:08 am
In two years of work we only got to see works in progress of the Federation and the Romulans. The Klingon and Borg redesigns never reached a developed-enough point for Dominus et al to consider talking about them. And their frustration at the limitations of the Armada II engine have been evident even before then. So let's be clear, what you're asking is for the devs to commit to an arduous production cycle in an engine they no longer wish to use. Even if they were to agree, it would take months to complete and would put NX back at least that long (losing momentum in a project is really damaging) -- and we're already expecting the first NX release to be no sooner than another year.

So what you're asking is impossible. Probably your best bet for a livening-up of the 3.2.7 tree is Tryptic's Mod v2.0 when it's released (the earlier version is available but lacks balance), and similar projects.
posted on June 25th, 2014, 5:48 pm
Haven't been on the site to actually post anything for a while but why not start again.

To add on to madhatters post about the Tryptic's Mod v2.0 being unbalanced from the first version the same would probably happen if they released parts of what they were working on with this engine and there would probably be all sorts of balancing and game play issues cause the update is incomplete which is why they never released just parts of it to begin with.

That being said i've been keeping up with all the news and some of the other story's others have been involved in and i can say that you are not alone in that a lot of us wish they came out with something or we are hoping that they make long strides and get the nx project done but you cant rush something like this or there will be issues. On top of that this isn't a full time job for them and i no patience is a virtue but all of us who have been following this mod just have to be patient and wait for what i assume is going to be an amazing game since fleet ops itself has never dissapointed me.

I cant wait for their project to become available :woot:

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