Map Editor Issue

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posted on September 27th, 2015, 2:22 pm
Hi All

This is just a quick one, I am using the map editor and every time I press Ctrl-E to open it up It crashes. is this a known issue where the is a fix?


p.s. sorry if this has been covered
posted on September 27th, 2015, 3:56 pm
are you using any mods?
posted on September 29th, 2015, 6:10 pm
This is on the latest Fleet Operations version with no mods.
posted on September 29th, 2015, 9:52 pm
why ctrl e, i just started fleet ops , and chose map editor from menu, works normaly...
posted on September 30th, 2015, 10:41 pm
I don't get that crash specifically, but I've had some video glitches when switching between editor and Instant Action. You could mess with your graphics settings a little and see if that fixes it. Or, as mentioned, you could run the editor from the menu. Or were you just using it to add ships during the battle?

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