List of awesome replayfiles

Which race do you like most? What do you like - what you don't like? Discuss it here.
posted on September 15th, 2016, 9:49 pm
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Until the Dev's created a place to share replay files next to, they can be shared here, although all ordering options are missing here, like order by name, map, time, poster, rating...

The Replaysystem shall allow every player to record everyone of his games without the excessive requirements of ... lay-making. This Thread is for replay files and their content. Post any technical problem here: ... tops-13012

Also add a short description to every replayfile which describes the content of the game.

A Wrapper is now available: ... 52#p205652. The Wrapper is required, if you don't already have the map for a replay. For Example the map "Ice Fever v0_1" is not part of FOSetup327.exe, but is attached to the file "romms (Borg) vs. Michael (Fed) (Ice Fever v0_1, 53 min).rep" for being copied by the Wrapper. Afterwards the map will be available for any game.
posted on January 1st, 2018, 9:37 pm
romms (Borg) vs. Michael (Fed) (Ice Fever v0_1, 53 min)

2 Players on a 6 Player Map with wormhole. For Michael (FOArmyDeluxe at tungle) the very first time testing multiplayer. Are Cubes against an Intrepidspam a good idea?

Victor: Michael


romms (Borg) vs. Michael (Fed) (Ice Fever v0_1, 53 min).zip
(1.92 MiB) Downloaded 226 times
posted on January 1st, 2018, 9:38 pm
romms (Rom) vs. Michael (Kling) (Duel II, 39 min).rep

Leahvals against Heavyweaponplatforms and no Vorchas around, singularitytransmitter and a forward yard.

Victor: romms


romms (Rom) vs. Michael (Kling) (Duel II, 39 min).zip
(1.37 MiB) Downloaded 188 times

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