I'm Going To Make One Mission

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posted on July 11th, 2014, 10:14 pm
Hey guys,

I've got some free time on my hands over the next few weeks so I've decided I'm going to make one mission for you all to enjoy and I want your ideas for what you want to see in it.

I'm going to start making it Monday so you have till Sunday to get you ideas in for what you would like,

As this will be my first proper mission with MMM I need to get familiar with it again so there are a few ground rules...

It can't involve limiting the techtree
It can't involve adding units that aren't already apart of the latest fleetops, however I can use MMM to modify existing units without having to mess around with .odfs
don't expect flashy cinematics though I will create some basic ones probably for the intro and end so please feel free to throw in some story
Please don't suggest all the races on the same map
Try to do something I can actually make a decent map for if someone wants to help make a map that would be great.
I can also create time based events, area based events and warp/pop in whatever I like

Once I've got familiar with it again I will look at creating a longer story based campaign.

P.S. I will be looking for one or two testers throughout, this will mean repetitive play throughs so expect to be bored of it eventually but still provide feedback.
posted on July 13th, 2014, 4:59 am
I don't know how well the game allows for triggers, adding resources or units to different sides, but there is one mission that, to me, remains the best mission in RTS history. And that is the final mission of Warcraft III when you have to defend the world tree for 30 minutes.

You start with your own base plus two allied bases. The enemy sends waves of units against the first base, getting stronger each time and it's up to you to support them. When the base is finally overrun, the enemy starts to attack the second one and the waves reset to be weaker, then ramp up again. You have to choose between supporting your allies with units and turrets, or building up your own base to be a ridiculous bastion for when they get to you.

You could try to do a simpler version of that...or, you know, something that's a bit easier :sweatdrop:
posted on July 13th, 2014, 10:10 pm
actually something like that would be possible as MMM can use triggers, would require a fair bit of coding and testing though so if you have time then your help would be appreciated?

Could cut some time down by using an odf file trick i know that i created with a test idea once that warped in units after a certain amount of time over and over and over and the basic idea was to create something similar to a firefight where you just see how long you could survive where the units got harder and harder and harder till you eventually lost.

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