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posted on August 25th, 2020, 1:29 am
Hi guys,
could anyone help me with the following?
Basically I wanted to play stock Armada II in widescreen resolution and so I installed the STA2 Classic mod into Fleet Ops 3.2.7.
Two things: is there a way to modify/edit some files to:
1. have the gridlines (square sizes) be the same as they were in STA v1.1 and
2. the selection bubbles to appear exactly as they did in STA2 v1.1?
3. Also, is there an easy way to fix the trade menu bug in STA Classic?

I actually like those original shield-like selection bubbles but STA 2 Classic is missing the menu options for them.
Another solution for me would be: is there a way to run the original STA2 v1.1 / 1.25 in widescreen resolution with everything else intact?
I’m sure there are some answers buried here in the forums but I thought it would be best to ask like this to get the most up to date answers. :-\
posted on August 30th, 2020, 10:48 pm
the current sta2 classic mod is as close to stock as fo allows unfortunatly (as far as i remember have not worked on it in years) the trade menu is a bug in 3.2.7 (fixed in fo4.0) the other issue with classic mod is that the amount of ships your able to select is increased due to fo increasing the amount so the ui is slightly modified to accomdate

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