How many Shipyards do you build?

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posted on May 28th, 2017, 9:04 am
I was curious how many of each shipyard people tend to build when they play? (I usually go for one of each, sometimes two of the lower tier ones if I want to build up ships fast, but I've always been a slow builder and don't play multi :blush:).

Question was inspired by reading the ideas Undying Nephalim was having for his Cardassian faction mod where he mentioned wanting the faction to focus heavily on smaller ships. I wondered if putting a hard limit on how many higher-tier Cardassian shipyards the player could build (to 1 or maybe 2) like how some special ships/stations are at the moment would be one way of doing that, so in larger games a player would need to rely on smaller ships to match the build rate of other races.

Though I liked the idea, occurred to me a mechanic like that and how much of an impact it had would depend on how many yards people would build without any limits, so was curious what people felt?

Thanks and pardon sudden random question. (wasn't sure whether to post here or in strategy; since my reason for asking is more general decided here but mods are welcome to change if they wish).
posted on May 29th, 2017, 6:14 pm
A lot of the time, 2 yards is fine. But the races also scale differently, and I've made some tweaks in Tryptic's Mod as well that affect this.

For example, Federation ships build slightly slower than other races' so it's more common to see 2 Antares yards, and if/when the Eraudi yard is built, people usually continue building out of their Antares. The Dominion, meanwhile, have an economy that makes it easy for them to build 2 small yards but once they can support Large Yard ships they tend to stop building smaller ships because of their low hitpoints.

The Romulans need to stick to 1-2 small yards for the most part. The Klingons have that nice transition to Battle Yard after a single Field Yard, so their progression is smooth.

For the most part, my mod tries to encourage players to keep using their small yards alongside their large yards instead of abandoning the smaller ships in favor of bigger ones.
posted on July 2nd, 2017, 8:47 am
From the basic yard I sometimes build 2. One at the main base and one in my expansion area.

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