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posted on June 22nd, 2003, 10:23 pm
There is some 3d left in this modification, just enough to have stradegy and no more. The map used for this plan is passages (2 players) that may or may not be in the map pack. On this map you have your starting area, and then giong through a nebula you see two mining planets. Going on along the "path" you come across two more mining planets in the middle of the map with two narrow passages at both entrances. This is where you make your stand.

Quickly set up mining at the 4 planets before this one. You need resources, FAST. After that, send down two construction vesells (I recommend making a few more) down to this center area. Send your first ship to set up mining, any type of mining at these two middle planets (you'll need it). With the other construction ship, at the same time, go to the narrow passage farthest away from your base and build a turret. PAY ATTENTION HERE or else you'll get stuck behind your own lines. Hold down shift and drag the mouse until either the turret is as high as it will go or as low as it will go. If it is as low as it will go, you are likely to have ships pass through by default and if it is as high as it can go, ships by default must duck underneath your turrets to pass through. Make sure each turret is at the same height each time (construction ships tend to loose their hight info after a bit). Other than that, build enough turrents to fill the narrow area, that should be around 2-3 turrets across and a lot of them deep. (I may have a screenshot later) Don't forget to put a sensor arary near the beginning (unless you are the Borg, who have integrated tacheon sensors in the turrets). The goal is to prevent cloakers from sneeking underneath. Assuming that nobody finds a way to transwarp behind your lines (darn Borg) you should have a pretty solid wall.

Counteroffence is to either go high or low (depending on how this little array is built) and RUN FAST, faster than the turrets can shread through your ships. This is harder than it sounds and I don't know how easy it is. The counterdefense is to build more turrets (at the other narrow passage and inbetween your mining stations) and to build turrets farther back. The one thing I find annoying about an enemy base is when I am going for the vitals (mining or main bases) and I find turrets. Turrets are hard to remove, annoying as heck, and kills a fleet that would have otherwise owned the base. So, if you are rolling in the dough, pump out the turrets!

If you are the Borg, a modification to this map is to make the gateway with turrets at all different types of heights. Nobody can get through... except for a transwarp conduit. :)

Note, the AI cannot defeat this tactic. They usuaully (at all difficulty levels) send small ships against your massive defense, and sometimes at the higher dificulty levels send a small armada however you won't even loose one turret. Yep, now it is just time to play with the AI (such as sending Borg Cubes to the front and assimilate ships before they get smashed by your defenses. :)). It should be a somewhat annoying defense against a human as well, though.

Hope this tactic helps!

PS -- I am too lazy to spell perfectly most of the time. ^_^
posted on June 22nd, 2003, 11:28 pm
4 screenshots are attached in the zip file. Below are the captions for the screenshots... I decided that since I rarely play the Klingons and also since I have never played them on this map, I might as well use them for the screenshots! :)

scrn1.jpg -- Showing the default view of the recently built defense platforms, top down.
scrn2.jpg -- 3d view showing defense platforms under attack by the Federation. Note how the attacking ships are at two different heights.
scrn3.jpg -- 3d view (under attack again, hard AI, go figure). Note 3 of my ships below the defense platforms and note how much room, vertically, they have to pass underneath.
scrn4.jpg -- Moments later, attackers killed, and back to default view. Can you spot the 3 ships that are parked underneath my defense platforms?

One last thing, I noticed this when building the Klingon base. At the lower part of the map, there isn't enough room for your entire base... but if you have a production building (you know, one that builds ships) as high as possible and you have a research station as low as possible in front of the production building, you won't drive the recently produced ships nuts, and you can set a rally point for those ships to an area of clear space (like, at the front of your base, to help in base defense). Just one last suggestion for you.

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posted on July 5th, 2003, 1:18 am
sounds cool

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