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posted on October 8th, 2020, 6:23 am
Hey guys,

Earlier this year I decided to make a Fleet Operations video tour on my retro gaming youtube channel to try and create some renewed interest in the game and these communities. To spice things up I decided to expand the video to a 3 part series covering some of the coolest 3rd party mods for Fleet Ops out there as I suspect many of the regular/casual A2 fanbase (that never got around to joining forums) either don't know that there are extra mods for FO or don't even know about FO itself lol!

Unfortunately back when I made the series I didn't have an account here on the FO forums (due to a weird signup issue) or at MSFC so I couldn't engage the community and just had to make my own choices based on what I could find over at FO forums. The videos ended up being quite popular (hopefully leading to a few signups here over the year) and I got some great responses from the community resulting in me finally singing up at both forums to chat with everyone. After joining here I noticed there were a few projects I didn't know about and that perhaps I should do a Part 4 video at some point showing off more mods.

Both these forums are huge with years of history and no doubt there's other places hosting mods too so I'm curious to know what's everyone's favourites/recommended total conversion FO mods that are either finished or at the very least in a playable state (without requiring modder knowledge to get working) that I should cover in a future video??

Projects I already covered in the existing series are:
- Warriors of Fluidic Space
- Roots
- Dominion War
- Star Trek Federation Dawn
- Armada 2 Classic
- Star Trek Armada 2 Upgrade Project

(edit: I don't think youtube embedding is working here?)
posted on October 8th, 2020, 6:37 pm
Cool stuff!

Right now we have a handful of projects going on via the Discord:

Fleet Operations Tryptic's Mod is my ongoing balance update for Fleet Operations. After 5 years I've changed quite a lot. Recently I have been making some big changes and as a result the mod has some weirdness I've yet to clean up (for example some races' AIs stop building halfway through the techtree). I'm planning to start advertising heavily in a few months when I finish a cleaner version than what I've got now.

Defiant's Mod is a graphical update that works with Fleet Operations and other Fleet Ops mods. It's mainly focused on new ship and weapon textures.

Admiral's Edition is a mod being worked on by Admiral Nat; it's close to the base version 3.2.7 of Fleet Operations with a handful of balance tweaks and quality of life improvements. He and I discuss a lot and implement some of the same ideas in our mods.

Klingon Academy 2 is an Armada 2 total conversion by Squire James. He updates occasionally and there are also other modders playing and tweaking the mod to their liking.
posted on October 14th, 2020, 8:01 am
Thanks Tryptic! Ah yes, I knew I recognised your name as you're mod gets spoken about all over the place. I need to try it sometime!

Thank you for those other suggestions to check out. I'm a member of the FO discord but I keep forgetting visit the chats lol. Also funny you mention Klingon Academy as I'm literally watching a Let's play video series of that atm! So a mod based on that will be fascinating!

I found a FO converted copy of the Babylon 5 mod which I'll have to play around with too!

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