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posted on March 9th, 2016, 1:36 pm
I am dont now how to mod this game but I have interested idea.

Mod name could be Dominion war.

Borg changes could be:
1. limit of 8 on borg cube
2. limit of 8 on borg tactical cube

Dominion changes could be:
1. Two avatars (Breen and Cardassians)
2. Special ships for breen would be Breen Cruiser and Breen Battleship, for cardassians would be Hideki, Galor and Keldon.
3. Breen can build 8 S-7 Defenders and 2 V-15 Dreadnoughts, both of those ships with breen avatar receive Breen Energy Torpedoes weapons and special weapon The Dampening Missile.
4. Cardassians can build 4 S-7 Defenders (weapons and special weapons stay same as in fleet ops.) and 2 V-15 Dreadnoughts (same as Federation Mixed Tech but will receive one more special weapon and that is the Core Blast ).
5. Both avatars can build 10 Perimeter stations.

Federation changes could be:
1. Admiral Mayson avatar can build Galaxy class but only eight of them but they should have + 10 offensive and defensive value.
2. Admiral Maysons Defense Platforms should have little bigger range and main building (I can remember name of it) should have 0ne more offensive and defensive upgrade.
3. Admiral Risner, instead of Avalon class should have Miranda II class and only 10 of them can be build.

Kligon changes could be:
1. TaQ'roja, Defense Platforms should have bigger range and should have 2 more researche upgrades for defensive and system.
2. Chancellor Martok, should have 2 more researche upgrades for offensive.

Romulan changes could be:
1. Should have better Defense Battery.
2. I dont now for other.

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