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You feel like a battlecruiser is too weak or a race too strong? Go ahead and discuss it here :)
posted on May 11th, 2013, 10:47 pm
My star wars mod is very fighter intensive, most of the ships in star wars carry fighters except for small corvettes. In my Federation side both avatars now have access to fighters not only from the standard built ships but also from some warpins. My question is if I have too many ships with fighters ( for the Federation)? Right now the Akira, (2 hangers) Sovereign, (1 hanger) Galaxy, (1 hanger) San Fransisco Nebula, (2 hangers) Descent, (3 hangers) and Outpost (3 hangers) carry fighters. Each hanger used to carry 8 fighters but I reduced it to four after a game produced a little over 3000 fighters (most of which were lost to nebulae). And the same ships that carry fighters sport a standard phaser that can only target fighters (This type of weapon is planned for every faction). Another question is whether or not smaller ships like the saber, monsoon, centaur or intrepid should get the same weapon. I do plan to add these weapons to other ships like the Excelsior/II, Ambassador, all nebula variants, Maybe the Remoore as well. I might give the defiant a 360 degree pulse phaser turret to use for that purpose.

Also I'd like to give the Romulans more fighters but I don't know which ships should get them. The D'Deredix and Norexan have them but they are rarely deployed because the AI automatically activates the special weapons like multi-purpose disruptors which used seperate odfs that I haven't changed yet. I'm thinking the Griffin, Cehlaer and Eresis-classes. Maybe take the fighters off the others period. I also have a Generix-Carrier refit. The Romulans also have a rapid-firing pulse-disruptor based antifighter weapon.

For the Klingons, I have fighters coming from the outpost but I need more ships to deploy them. I'm thinking about taking the Qaw'Duj-class and turning into an early carrier. I'd keep the normal version in the starbase and have the one built at the shipyard be the carrier variant. I also plan to use the Negh'Var and maybe make another Vutpa' variant. I might make it really big and able to deploy birds of prey instead of fighters. I haven't made the antifighter weapon yet I'm still trying to decide whether it would be a beam weapon or pulse weapon.

What do you think? Any suggestions?
posted on May 31st, 2013, 6:54 pm
I don't know nothing about your fighter mod.
In my Star Wars Mod, I could have a single Carrier with a few fighters on-board. Reaching destination they are released to explore the area for enemy ships.

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