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posted on February 8th, 2013, 8:44 am
I am not really sure how many people here actually play Star Trek Online like I do but I am a Federation Tactical Officer and am at the rank of 50 and in a fleet called Fubar Inc. I have a few starships named after two different friends (both have their names going up from I (not in the name) to III. My favorite ship is my Odyssey-class Tactical Cruiser with all of the Odyssey-class consoles on it. She is a very good ship and recently I have purchased a Vesta-class Explorer (Multi-Mission Cruiser) that also bears the same name as my Sovereign-class and Odyssey-class starships. I also have a Klingon Character that is also a Tactical Officer but I don’t play as him as much, in fact he is still at his starting level.

Ok, the background for this posting is done, just wanted to add it so you might understand why I’ve been thinking about this idea. First, I’d love to see the Odyssey-class made for Star Trek Armada II and also FleetOps, I really think that it is a majestic looking ship especially with Saucer Separation, and its Aquarius-class Escort Cruiser.

Like I said though, I have recently gotten a Vesta-class Explorer (Multi-Mission Cruiser) in STO and about the same time on the Armada2Files site a Vesta-class mod came out that I also got.

Well after getting this ship, I set out to model her weapons around the ones that are on my Vesta-class Explorer (Multi-Mission Cruiser), so I read about them on the STO Wiki site and have tried to come up with the correct effects and ideas for these weapons.

In the included .ZIP download, are the ODF files I’ve created for these special weapons, actually in the process of making. The ship ODF file (two one hero one of the class), my created new regular weapons.

The Vesta-class starship itself was made by: Aad Moerman, and the ODF file of the main ship and the hero are in no way an attempt to re-release his work, if you want this ship, you’ll have to follow the provided first link to the Armada2Files page to download it. The Textures are Build Buttons I created for these weapons using the icons for the activation buttons in Star Trek Online gotten right from the provided links above to their respective pages. I don’t claim any rights to these ships, weapon ideas or created buttons.

This post is more about asking if it is possible to make these type of weapons work in FleetOps/or through/with the Patch Project 1.2.5 Patch (or regular A2, even though I’m going to convert my mod when completed to FleetOps).

I hope posting this isn’t in any violation of FleetOps Forums rules, if it is, let me know, but I give the Devs and Forum admins full permission to delete the attached file if it is a violation, or please let me know and I'll remove it as soon as possible. :) :thumbsup:


Vesta-class & New
Vesta-class & New Weapons (JUST ODF Files NOT A FULL MOD) SEE:;121512
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posted on February 9th, 2013, 6:56 am
Any ideas about this?
Or the release of an Odyssey-class Tactical Cruiser?


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posted on February 9th, 2013, 6:59 am
More images, since you can only post 3.


Back end of the Odyssey--class Tactical Cruiser Variant with removable Aquarius-class Escort
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Odyssey-class Star Drive Section
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Odyssey-class Separation Class
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posted on February 9th, 2013, 7:02 am
I personally believe that FleetOps should "do it's own thing" rather than become a variant of Star Trek Online. I personally think the lore that the team have developed is far superior to that from STO anyway.

A dev might disagree with me, but I get the feeling that is the general consensus about STO material.
posted on February 9th, 2013, 8:40 am
@SquireJames: I did say "or FleetOps", I mostly was meaning for regular A2 primarily. I think it would be nice to see ships such as the Odyssey-class and even the Klingon's Bortasqu' Dreadnought Battlecruiser in A2, after all, they are pretty cool and unique ships. Not saying what FleetOps has isn't cool, but STO has come out with some very unique ship ideas for the Star Trek Univerese and they can do very well in other games such as A2.

When it comes to FleetOps and STO, I say STO is by far the better game because there is so much more to do and there are at least missions over there and the ability to at least control your own ship, choose what it does and how it's armed, you can even almost control what specials your ships have just by what officers you choose to use each console. Given all this, it has more of a leap over FleetOps, in fact because of this I play STO more than I play FleetOps online because its never the same old grind.

Plus SquireJames, I think you may have failed to see the point of why I started this thread, as much as its a modding request for two (now two, originally one) very powerful and unique ships from STO, it is really about wanting to created the "Special Weapons" that are in STO for the Vesta-class Multi-Mission Cruiserfor the recently released Vesta-class mod that I have gotten at A2Files.

I really want to know what would be the best way to duplicate them for either use in STA2 patched with the Patch Project 1.2.5 Patch or as part of a mod transferred into FleetOps; preferably both since I'm doing my mod for the Patch Project first then eventually transferring it over if anyone ever answers my question on what needs to be removed from a mod using the Patch Project when transferring it not the "Mods" Directory in FleetOps, hence the reason why I created this thread: //
posted on December 28th, 2020, 8:51 pm
personally I love the Leaosa science warbird and I would like to get a model for fleet ops, but I could live with the fleet ops "pattern" , I found that model could suit great to fleet ops. !

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