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posted on January 15th, 2008, 3:45 pm
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Patch Project 1.2.5 adds the following features for mod developers to Armada 2:

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An ODF command, that allowes to limit the number of vessels or stations a player can build of one class.

Armada1-like modular base support
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allows to build all classlabels as pods, including crafts and stations.

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This weapon allowes once activated to replace a vessel with one or more other vessels instantly. the label for the weapon is "replaceweapon". it can be used with the following concepts (some examples):
  • Vessel upgrading
  • Fighter deployment
  • Vessel Seperation (Prometheus MVAM) with unlimited number of parts
  • ...
  • replacementXClassY
    this command defines the craft(s) you want to replace the owner vessel of the replaceweapon with.
    X Defines the number of seperation parts and Y defines the number of classes which will be choosen randomly to become that part.
      [li]A Simple replace. You want to convert a Defiant (holder of the replaceweapon) to an UberDefiant Class.
      replacement0Class0 = "SuperDefiant.odf"

    • Random replace. You want to convert a Defiant (holder of the replaceweapon) randomly either to an UberDefiant Class with more Phaser arrays or to one with more Torpedos
      replacement0Class0 = "SuperDefiantPhasers.odf" //with an extra bunch of phaser arrays
      replacement0Class1 = "SuperDefiantTorpedoes.odf" //with some more Torpedo tubes
    • Separation. Your Super-Defiant has the ability to separate into 2 parts. It splits in the middle into the upper and lower hull
      replacement0Class0 = "SuperDefiantUpperHull.odf"
      replacement1Class0 = "SuperDefiantLowerHull.odf"
    • Random Separation. Your Super-Defiant has the ability to separate into 2 parts. It splits in the middle into the upper and lower hull. The Super Defiant is still a prototype and sometimes it occours that while separation the lower hulls torpedo bays are damaged (50/50 chance)
      replacement0Class0 = "SuperDefiantUpperHull.odf"
      replacement1Class0 = "SuperDefiantLowerHull.odf"
      replacement1Class1 = "SuperDefiantLowerHullWithoutTorpedoes.odf"
  • replacementkeepName
    This is especially useful for separation. All parts generated with the replaceweapon keep the name of the vessel that was owner of the replaceweapon. When enabled both the upper and lower hull of your Super-Defiant "USS Unbelievable" will both be named "USS Unbelievable". If disabled the parts will receive new names from the ODFs. Disabled by default.
    replacementkeepName = 1     //enabled

  • DilithiumCost
  • LatinumCost
  • MetalCost
  • BiomatterCost
  • CrewCost
    These should be self explaining. You can define costs to use the seperation weapon too. this is useful when using the replaceweapon to upgrade vessels. By the default all costs are 0.0 .
  • RequiredOfficers
    You know this command for Vessel Officer cost, this one is the same with one exception. It just checks if the amount of officers is free in order to let the replaceweapon execute.

  • replacementKeepOwner
    When enabled the vessel using the weapon won't get replaced but stays. This is useful when using the weapon to launch fighters for example. By default this disabled.
    replacementKeepOwner = 1     //enabled

  • replacementXClassYPosition
    you can define a position where each part relative to the position the OwnerVessel was is created. This is a very good command "to make this look good". By default all vessels get created at 0,0,0 and are then split up by armada.
    replacement0Class0Position = 0,0,100 //x, y, z

  • replacementCreationType
    Armada wants to know how this vessel has been created to show it in the Admirals log. Note, this is just for admirals log, it doesn't affect the way the replaceweapon works! Choose the method you like most.
    normal = 0, evolved = 1, fused = 2, separated = 3, taken = 4, assim = 5
    default = 0
    replacementCreationType = 3 //vessel is reported as separated

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