Favorite Star Trek Armada 1 Missions

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posted on September 28th, 2016, 12:16 pm
I still remember playing through the Star Trek Armada 1 campaign way back then. It was amazing! There were some missions in it, which I liked more than the others.

* One of the first Federation missions, where you get the USS Premonition ship from the future, chased by a Borg sphere.
* One of the Borg missions, where you have Locutus Cube and can assimilate Breen and Dominion ships. I loved having special shiny ones!
* The final mission of the Borg, where you have to take over Earth and the Federation use all that temporal anomaly stuff on you. Woah! That was hard back then, until I thought of spreading out my base a bit more.
* The Romulan mission, where you have Sela and betray the Borg. What did she say? "Negotiations are irrelevant." In your FACE Borg! Haha!
* The final mission of all, where you have all the leader ships and take on the Borg! First you sneak in and are the underdog, but then you slowly build up a base in secret and fight the ultimate enemy! All based on Picard's great plan.

Unfortunately I cannot play Armada 1 anymore. The sound is really screwed up on XP and on some of my systems it will not even run anymore. Haven't tried Wine recently for Armada 1 though.

So what are your favorite missions?

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