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posted on September 17th, 2017, 5:07 pm

I'm new to this board and I'd like to introduce myself here: I'm Matthias, living in Germany and still a big fan of Armada 2 after all those years. :).

I showed this game to some friends recently and from time to time, we play over the internet and hang out on Mumble. So if there's someone, who might wants to join us, let me know. We have a Whatsapp group. We'd welcome some more players. We play Armada 2 1.2.5 without any further mods (and sometimes Elite Force I).

Unfortunately, we experienced some inconveniences in the gameplay:

- Borg recycler doesn't work in 1.2.5 (researches the same weapon on and on without deconstructing the ship), works in version 1.1.
- Delithium collectors don't find the mining station sometimes
- AI is very unreliable, sometime it just fails to develop at all and still has no research center after 20 oder 30 minutes

And besides this, I didn't manage to get this game to full hd. Did someone achieve that? There are some howtos on the internet, none of those worked for me.

Are there still some people active in this community who made those 1.2.x patches? I have some experiences with coding, but never modded a game. Maybe there is a small introduction to it somewhere, so that I might look into one or the other algorithm, like the Borg recycler bug.


PS: Feel free to answer in German. :) From what I've seen so far, many people on here are from Germany.
posted on September 18th, 2017, 3:00 pm
I recommend getting 3 Fleet ops, using the classic a2 mod.

If your looking for games and events, UFPlanets hosts them once a month by me!
posted on October 1st, 2017, 10:01 am
Hello Matthias,

If you don't mind, I'll keep speaking English as this is an international community. Yes, the old A2 now can be pretty buggy, however I remember running it on my old rig when it was new, I would attribute the problems to newer computers not handling the old ware as well as they do the new one. :o

Join as at fleetops. The AI works, as far as getting a good fight is concerned, but it can be rough for the... "uninitiated".

Right now I am in germany, working. Apparently you germans don't know how to weld so they called in the foreign specialists. Just joking of course! :lol:
posted on October 1st, 2017, 11:56 am

thanks for your reply. From what I've understood so far, Fleet Ops with the classic A2 mod is a completely different game, which has the same ships and technologies, but looks and feels entirely different.

We'd like to stick with the original A2. I'm not a big fan of newer, heavy user interfaces and like to stick with what I'm used to without thinking too much about it, because I know how to get along.

The game runs nicely so far, just has some known bugs. You can deal with them, but I just thought, maybe someone knows how to set the game to 1080p or know how to fix this Borg technology assimilator bug. Or the fact, that the 8471 AI overruns you without any change to beat them, when reducing AI costs and build times, while the other AIs don't take advantage of this.

And, well, with my two left hands, I'm happy we have people like you coming here :P

posted on October 4th, 2017, 12:42 am
Can you explain how the classic a2 mod is conmpletly different from stock A2? To me... a long time Stock Armada 1 & 2 player, it's closer to the sam as Armada 2 then Fleet ops.
If you need info on classic A2 mod:
https://www.fleetops.net/forums/modscom ... port-10223
If you want info or a setup guide for stock Armada 2:
https://ufplanets.com/showthread.php?59 ... da-2-Setup
If you want to further discuss Armada 2 issues at UFP:
https://ufplanets.com/showthread.php?59 ... ch-Support

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