Armada I Campaign in Armada II - Is This Possible??

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posted on February 19th, 2019, 7:30 pm
I've been trying to get Star Trek Armada I to work on Windows 10 and tried all suggestions to get it to do so and none of them actually worked for me and all I want to do is play the Armada I Campaign so I was thinking about adding the Campaign to Armada II as a Mod like the Armada II Classic Mod after all I e discovered you can play A1 with the A2 disc.

I've gotten Armada I to load as a mod and get to the Game Menu but attempting to load any of the Campaigns results in a crash. I've been saving the Bug Reports being generated and my theory is it's the Mission Maps (bzn files). I'm not sure if it has to do with A2 using planets for real and colonization and metal mining as al result of the crash.

I was curious how FleetOps removed the planets to being background items like A1 had them.

Really I don't like playing FleetOps for the reason of no planets and colonization so I stay away from online matches because of that. I see the planets being colonized as an Industrial Complex and a way to truly produce Supply (supplies) for FleetOps and not crew. The mining operations then supports that Industrial Complex. I've actually been wanting to reimplement colonization and mining in a FleetOps Mod for that such purpose. It was an extra idea I was going to test in Armada I if I could transfer the A1 Campaigns to A2.

Anyone have ideas to achieve this idea of transferring Armada I's Campaign into an Armada II Mod or is this idea a "Dead Horse"?
posted on February 27th, 2019, 6:23 pm
Actually, I never played ST Armada 1. Around the year 2007, I found a demo for ST Armada 2, I tried the game, I liked really much and that was the reason to start learn modding that game. After that I discover Fleet Operations which is a great gameplay in my opinion. I'm really curious if we'll have an update or something for Fleet Operations, taking into account that we are already in 2019.

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